Today’s Panty-Dropper Cocktail: Chocolate Martini at New York-New York

The seductive signs in the casino at New York-New York accomplished their mission. They lured us into trying the Chocolate Martini at the hotel’s lobby bar.

It’s a panty-dropper cocktail if ever there were one.

Chocolate martini
In a recent study, female participants who consumed chocolate every day had more active libidos and better sexual function than those who didn’t. Viva chocolate.

The Chocolate Martini features vanilla-flavored vodka, dark crème de cacao liqueur and Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur. And old-school chocolate syrup, of course.

The sweetest part of the Chocolate Martini might be its price. These martinis go for $6, somewhat unprecedented at bars on The Strip.

We just like this sign a lot.
We just like this sign a lot.

This deal won’t be around forever, so get your chocolate fix while it lasts.