La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway at Wynn Pauses for Renovation

La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway at Wynn has closed for a remodel. The restaurant began its temporary closure on May 27, 2024.

La Cave, French for “Earth’s naughty place,” will reopen in late summer of 2024.

Such refreshes typically signal a venue isn’t hitting its revenue goals, but they aren’t ready to pull the plug just yet.

“In vino veritas” means, “in wine, truth.” An elevated way of saying, “When you’re wasted, shit gets real.”

While not shared by La Cave or Wynn, the over-under on the cost of the renovation is $2 million. We would look up the permit information filed with Clark County to confirm the exact number, but as the National Organization for the Advancement of Lazy Persons says in its tagline, “We aren’t doing that.”

La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway opened at Wynn in 2010. Steve Wynn actually had a hand in designing the place, back when he was a revered Las Vegas visionary and before he was outed as a world-class creeper (circa 2018), relegated to being an asterisk in the annals of Las Vegas history.

If you don’t think we’re cognizant of the fact we used the word “annals” in conjunction with a sex scandal, you don’t know this blog at all.

According to a news release, when La Cave reopens, the remodel will “embrace the timeless, European sensibility the awarded restaurant is beloved for.”

The founders of La Cave, restaurateurs Jenna Morton and Michael Morton of Morton Group, are collaborating with award-winning designer Karen Herold on the refresh. Herold did La Cave’s original design.

We would love to tell you our thoughts about La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway, but we’ve never been there.

It looks fancy, though.

Because we need to pad this story, here’s a description of La Cave from the official Web site: “Shareable plates presenting delectable flavors pair beautifully with an exceptional collection of wines at Jenna and Michael Morton’s La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway. Signature dinner selections include jumbo lump crab lettuce cups, beef filet crostini and woodfired pizzas. La Cave’s butler-style weekend brunch features individually portioned breakfast and lunch delights served tableside. The dimly lit cellar, lounge, and main dining room offer an intimate setting; and the vibrant indoor/outdoor garden room and spacious terrace overlook Wynn’s elegant resort pool and lush gardens.”

You can see the La Cave menus on the official site. Let’s look at some excerpts, shan’t we?

La Cave’s menu is broken down by the food’s place of origin.

You thought it was going to be expensive, didn’t you? Twenty bucks for a small plate is nothing in today’s Las Vegas.

For the record, we are against using babies in salads.

One more menu preview. This food looks quite approachable. LFG, as our fellow kids are fond of saying.

Now, we’re getting somewhere.

Because we are a renowned foodie, we are an adventurous eater, so we would definitely try the Baked Meatball, Short Rib Taco, flatbreads (not the eggplant one, obviously), Mini Burger, La Cave Caesar Salad and truffle fries. You know, all the regular human food.

We experienced a Truffle Tremor once, but we were young and inexperienced.

What else could we ferret out to fluff up our story?

La Cave has a dress code: “Resort casual attire is required. Tank tops and swim wear are not permitted.”

Wouldn’t it be fun if restaurants and casinos could write what they’re thinking on their Web sites?

“Look, idiot. WTF are you doing wearing a bathing suit to a fancy restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas? This isn’t Excalibur. Trust us, whatever body confidence you might have, nobody wants to see that when they’re eating. And tank tops? What next, bringing a rolling cooler into our restaurant? We will literally tase you and send you packing back to your trailer park. Thank you for choosing La Cave!”

Oh, and according to the La Cave site, “Children under five are welcome.” Possibly the least welcome series of words in all of human history, but nobody’s perfect.

We shall use the reopening of the renovated La Cave as an excuse to finally visit the venue. We’ll let you know our thoughts after we pop our head into the Earth’s naughty place. Hey, we didn’t invent French.