Confirmed: Creepy Whitney Houston Hologram Show to Close at Harrah’s

Harrah’s has confirmed our scoop: “An Evening with Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Concert” show will close at the Strip casino on June 12, 2022.

No, we didn’t see it.

No, that doesn’t mean we can’t deem it “creepy.”

This is so tacky and wrong, on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to start.

As mentioned, we were the first to share the show would close, because it’s our town. Everyone else is just borrowing it.

We heard rumblings about poor ticket sales back in March 2022.

The Whitney Houston hologram show featured live dancers, live music and a simulated Whitney Houston belting out her hits.

We’re pretty sure they got a living person to do Houston’s body movements, and stuck the singer’s head on it. Hence, the creepy. Also, Whitney Houston is dead.

Here’s the creepy show now.


Producers say the show is being closed “to undergo production enhancements,” which is hilarious. See, unsuccessful shows don’t close in Las Vegas, they just get enhanced! Being enhanced is the new “looking for a new venue.”

“Marilyn,” for example, has been looking for a new venue since 2018. Looking is hard!

The producers of the Whitney Houston show also say they’re planning to return to Las Vegas. Oy.

Our prediction: Unless they figure out how to actually clone Whitney Houston, the show will not be back.

The Whitney Houston hologram show is a shameless and embarrassing money grab, and we trust the failure of this show has taught the producers their lesson. We can enjoy Whitney Houston’s music, but exhuming her doesn’t honor her musical legacy, it sullies it.