Circus Circus Gets Refresh Ahead of Formula 1

The only positive thing we’ve seen related to Formula One (F1) coming to Las Vegas in Nov. 2023, so far, is the fact everyone is sprucing up because they think they’ll be on TV.

It seems like every Las Vegas resort is doing a room refresh or tidying up in some way, and that includes the much-maligned but enduring Circus Circus.

The Strip casino recently got a paint job, presumably so it doesn’t look sad and dreary to all the folks visiting during F1, exactly none of whom will be staying at Circus Circus, but that’s beside the point.

Circus Circus chose a color similar to “Watermelon” and “Cherry Blossom,” according to our Pantone book, called “Labial Pink.”

We trust Circus Circus is also trying to get in front of the opening of Fontainebleau, just across the street.

Fontainebleau is scheduled to open by the end of the year, although, that’s up for debate. No matter when it opens, it’s going to be pretty spectacular, and Circus Circus doesn’t want to feel like this blog standing next to Brad Pitt on a red carpet, if you get our drift.

In case you needed a reminder of why HOAs are so important.

Circus Circus needed some attention, possibly the understatement of the year.

Here’s a photo for compare and contrast purposes.

People might tease Circus Circus, lipstick on a pigwise, but we love the place. People either get why it’s awesome, or they don’t, and if they don’t, it’s not for them.

Coin slots. Family fun. Amazing steakhouse. Free circus acts. What’s not to love?

Circus Circus is back to being in the pink.

We wish Circus Circus would follow through on its promise to give some love to Slots-A-Fun. At the moment, there’s very little actual fun to be had.

Included in the paint job was the creepy clown that sits at the entrance to Circus Circus.

In your hometown: Disturbing. In Las Vegas: Immersive!

Circus Circus has been in the news recently because the Oakland A’s discussed the possibility of building their ballpark in the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, owned by Phil Ruffin (who owns Circus Circus and TI).

The recent buzz has been the ballpark going to the Tropicana site, but we’ve heard discussions are ongoing with Ruffin.

Paint touch-ups are everywhere you look at Circus Circus. And about time.

Beyond the baseball stadium talk, and F1, it’s obvious Circus Circus thinks it’s going to get some sweet foot traffic from Fontainebleau. It remains to be seen what traffic, foot or otherwise, Fontainebleau will get or give. Very different demos, as they say in the business.

We don’t want Circus Circus to get too fancy. We like our casinos a little grimy and broken in. You know, seasoned.

We’re pretty sure this video screen is new, too. Miracles never cease.

Circus Circus provides a uniquely Vegas experience, and it makes us happy to see the resort being pampered a little bit, as Phil Ruffin tends to throw money around like a man with no arms.