Bellagio Las Vegas Joins Strip Marquee Race, Keeps It Classy

The Bellagio Las Vegas resort has joined a growing list of Las Vegas Strip hotels either building new digital marquees (Aria, The Quad) or upgrading old ones (MGM Grand).

We recently reported seeing that Bellagio’s marquee had a hole in it.

We’d totally live in there if we could.

On Dec. 18, 2013, we noted the video display had been installed, but unless it was promoting a new Cirque du Soliel show called “L’éclipse,” it wasn’t functional at that time.

Things move quickly in Las Vegas, so try and keep up!

Now, the Bellagio’s brand new digital marquee is all lit up and sparkly.

Bellagio marquee
The upper screen is new, the one on the lower left is video, the lower right is a static image. There will be a quiz.

We’d tell you all about the dimensions and resolution of the new video display, but that might require “research” or “a phone call.” We’re busy photographing cocktails, thank you.

We do know that while the Bellagio’s screen isn’t the biggest or most in-your-face on The Strip, but it can certainly hold its own with grander signs at hotels nearby.

The Bellagio, after all, doesn’t need to shout.