Atomic Golf Set to Launch First Resident Drone Show in Las Vegas

A new golf attraction at The Strat is set to launch the first ongoing drone show in Las Vegas. Yes, we just paraphrased the headline. We are very busy and can’t spend our entire day trying to come up with synonyms and drone puns.

Atomic Golf’s drone show takes flight on July 18, 2024, and will happen every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Until somebody puts an eye out.

Such a relief to see drones not being used in a battle zone. Unless one considers the neighborhood around Strat a battle zone. Awkward.

We love us some drones, and we’ve been screaming for years Las Vegas needs to get into the mix with bigger, better and resident drone displays.

Asia is straight-up kicking our collective asses, dronewise.

The inevitability of drone shows in Las Vegas was slowed when Caesars Palace had a drone show in 2018 and a guest was hit in the face by a malfunctioning drone. You thought we were kidding about putting an eye out? We personally own drones and have nearly beheaded actual humans, including ourself, due to drone malfunctions.

Since that unfortunate and scary incident, there have been one-off drone shows in Las Vegas, but nothing on a regular basis.

Atomic Golf’s new drone show, in conjunction with a company called Skyworx Drone Shows, will feature 400 drones when it debuts.

Future shows could have as few as 200 or as many as 1,000 drones, based upon drone availability.

Each drone show will be 10-12 minutes long, and the shows will be different each week.

Atomic Golf shared some possible drone formations on LinkedIn, where most effective digital marketing is done, we said sarcastically.

Drone shows are like 3-D Lite-Brites. Bonus points for anything Vegas-themed.

We love this idea and can’t wait to see the show, especially with free attractions in Las Vegas becoming increasingly impossible to find. The Mirage volcano is the latest casualty in the disappearance of free attractions, following in the footsteps of the Sirens of TI and Show in the Sky at Rio.

A drone show is great not only for Atomic Golf, but also turns more eyeballs toward The Strat, currently undergoing a bit of a shake-up in its ranks.

A.I. didn’t exactly nail the drone aspect, but this is how Strat should be investing! In related news, Strat is turning its former buffet space into a convention center, so there’s that.

Strat is actually a little touchy about drones, as several have hit the tower. A few years ago, the casino installed drone detection technology.

Atomic Golf’s drones are approved, of course.

Here’s a look at other work by Skyworx Drone Shows.

The dragon from Skyworx is a far cry from the one we shared earlier, but comparison is the thief of joy. That’s according to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, after whom a Las Vegas hotel was named. The Delano. Which is going to be rebranded. Please keep up.

In the drone show world, you sort of get what you pay for.

Atomic Golf is an impressive, Top Golf-style venue, but things have been rough since it opened. Please note that “rough” is a golf term, thus ensuring our reputation as a sports expert.

Shortly after opening, Atomic Golf fired about 250 people, roughly a third of its staff, due to business levels.

Atomic Golf has also suffered some brutal social media chatter, mostly involving the orientation of the facility (the driving bays face west, into the sun) and issues related to heat.

Since then, Atomic Golf has been hard at work addressing the concerns. Misters were installed about a month ago, and all the driving bays will be shaded by July 30, 2024.

Summer hit early and hard this year, but Atomic Golf is dealing with the challenges and the hope is guests will give the venue another shot.

Kudos for Atomic Golf trying something new to attract guests, whether they like golf or not (the venue is really a giant lounge with golf as a social lubricant), and we’d love to see their drone residency inspire casinos and others to up their drone game. Fireworks are so 2000 and late, a reference which we fully and freely admit is now 15 years old. Deal with it.

This drone show trend could really take off! Come on, the local news was going to say it, why can’t we?