10 Things to Love at Table 10 Inside Palazzo Las Vegas

There are Las Vegas discoveries, then there are Las Vegas revelations. We only recently discovered Table 10 inside the Palazzo, and the restaurant’s prix fixe menu certainly qualifies as a revelation.

Table 10
Sorry we didn’t exactly know you existed until recently, Table 10. We need to get out more.

We’re big fans of prix fixe (“fixed price”) menus, mainly because we’re not especially decisive, and prix fixe menus do much of the decision-making for us. An added bonus is that one can enjoy a fine dining experience without the fine dining price tag.

At Table 10, a restaurant from celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, the seasonal prix fixe menu is four irresistible courses for $45. On the Las Vegas Strip, $45 is the typical cost of an entree alone, so the price is definitely right, especially when you get a look at some of the dishes in store.

No, the cocktails aren’t included in the prix fixe menu, but it’s Vegas, so let’s splurge a little. Here, then, are 10 things to love at Table 10.

1. NOLA Mule

We’ll say up front, we don’t know anything about bourbon. Chef Lagasse, however, does, and the NOLA Mule (a take on a Moscow Mule) boasts bourbon from the chef’s “first privately hand-selected bourbon barrel.” NOLA, of course, stands for New Orleans, Louisiana, the city where the chef opened his first restaurant in 1990.

NOLA Mule cocktail
The NOLA Mule has Eagle Rare single barrel bourbon, Marie Brizard Poire liqueur, fresh lime juice and Fever Tree ginger beer. As well as our heart. And liver.

2. Lady Apple Salad

Let the first course begin. This zippy salad has sweet apple sticks, arugula, Humboldt Fog cheese, almonds and red vinaigrette.

Table 10 salad
After that NOLA Mule, we were in a Humboldt Fog, all right.

Other first course options include a Boston Lettuce Salad, a Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo or soup of the day.

3. New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

Things really get “kicked up a notch” in the second course. The BBQ shrimp is seasoned and glazed perfectly. We get the feeling Emeril Lagasse and his team know a little something about seasoning. Just a hunch.

Table 10 shrimp
Big fan of the rosemary biscuit. Or, honestly, biscuits in general.

4. Split King Crab Legs

We’re not even sure we’re a seafood person, but man, these are tasty. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the crab is topped with avocado, hearts of palm and citrus.

Table 10 crab legs
The Decapod Crustaceans would not make a bad band name.

5. Cactus Rose

Good luck resisting the Cactus Rose when you see it on a nearby table. Please order your own, though. There are rules. The Cactus Rose is orange and passion fruit, Grey Goose L’Orange vodka, X-Rated fusion liqueur, cactus pear and lime juice.

Table 10 cocktail
Your face will send you a thank-you note.

6. Mushroom Ravioli

Another of the second course options, the mushroom ravioli features handmade pasta, asparagus, leeks, arugula leaves and a mushroom and mascarpone filling. Just the right quantity, too. We like the prospect of leaving a restaurant without having to be squeezed through the door.

Table 10 ravioli
In Italian, ravioli means “little turnips.” Which may be the Italian version of a practical joke of some sort.

The fourth option in the second course is Candied North Country Farm Bacon. Unforgettable! Just keep your Cactus Rose nearby to cool the heat, another Emeril specialty.

7. Seared Sea Scallops

The third course is upon us. There’s Bolognese Pasta or Colorado Filet Mignon, or these perfectly-prepared scallops, with grapes, Marcona almonds, capers, parsnip puree and chervil.

Table 10 scallops
Yes, we knew chervil is French parsley. How? We are a blog, so we are clearly masters of the various Googles.

8. Boneless Angus Shortribs

Our favorite of the third course options, this shortrib dish has charred cauliflower, red wine sauce and Tuscan kale. Yes, kale. Which we ate voluntarily, making it the first healthy thing we have consumed since college. The shortrib itself was a taste of Heaven, and easily the best we’ve had in Las Vegas.

Table 10 shortrib
Who you calling short?

The remaining option in the third course was a chicken dish with caramelized lemon, a honey and thyme sauce, Brussels sprouts and pee wee potatoes. (Check the photo gallery for a pic.) Yes, it’s “Brussels sprouts.” We’re going to pretend we knew that all along, if you don’t mind.

9. Crescent City Punch

Yet another winning signature cocktail, the Crescent City Punch has Old New Orleans Cajun spiced rum (sorry, we cheated on you Captain Morgan, just this once), Cruzan Black Cherry rum and Southern Comfort mixed with passion fruit and cranberry juice. Yes, we took notes this time! We won’t make a habit of it.

Table 10 cocktail
Usually, we don’t drink and prix fixe, but in this case, we made an exception.

Bonus cocktail: The Ginger Peach Nectar. It has Tanqueray gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, grapefruit bitters, peach puree and ginger beer.

Ginger peach nectar cocktail
Clearly, there are more than 10 things to love at Table 10, but our obsessive-compulsive brain wouldn’t let us make it “46 Things to Love at Table 10,” sorry.

10. Banana Cream Pie

Sadly, our fourth and final course. Guests get to choose a dessert from among several tempting items, including a gluten-free Milk Chocolate Mousee Cake, Vero’s Lemon Bar, Berry Cobbler, tiramisu and others. The white chocolate malassadas are highly recommended, too (see the photo gallery), but Emeril’s Banana Cream Pie wins the day.

Table 10 banana cream pie
“Banana” comes from an Arab word “banan,” which means finger. So, if you’re mad at someone, feel free to give them the banana.

The only thing left to do is thank Executive Chef Tim Doolittle and his Table 10 team for giving us an unforgettable experience.

Chef Tim Doolittle
Thank for not throwing a spatula at us for interrupting your dinner service for a photo, chef.

You’ll find Table 10 up the escalators at The Shoppes at the Palazzo. Read more, and take advantage of Table 10’s happy hour, 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day. Details here.

Table 10 at Palazzo Las Vegas