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KGM Gaming and Spin Games Joining Forces for Online Gaming Services

With a number of U.S. states legalizing or heading towards the legalization of online gambling, Philadelphia-based KGM Gaming and Spin Games are aligning themselves to take advantage of these ongoing developments. The land-based casino supplier KGM this week announced an interactive games content letter of intent to license game content and interactive technology following an…Read More

Australia Rails Against Legality of Apple Poker App

A number of politicians in Australia, known for their views against online gambling, are questioning the legality of an Apple poker app, and are calling for a federal government clamp down on gambling operators from overseas. “We don’t allow online poker in Australia for Australian people under the Interactive Gambling Act,” stated Senator Richard Di…Read More

House of Bourbon Renaissance with Macau’s New Louis XIII Casino

Nothing says “upscale casino for the uber rich” like a 17th century French king whose whole family bore the charming name of “Bourbon,” and for whom a rather pricey and fantastically packaged cognac is now named, does it? Et voilà, there you have it: the unabashed logic behind naming a new super posh Macau casino…Read More

Romania On Track for Legalized Online Gambling

While the U.S. scrambles state-by-state to finally get legalized online gambling in place, you will all be much relieved to know that over in Eastern Europe, the legal beagles aren’t asleep at the wheel either; Romania is hard at work creating a National Gambling Office (NGO), which will oversee the regulatory process for online gambling…Read More

Caesars’ “No Resort Fees” Campaign Screeches to a Halt with, Yup, Resort Fees

If someone said you had to pay “resort fees,” you might think about hot chicks serving you massive piña coladas and grapes, while simultaneously fanning you with a huge palm frond. And a lot of you would probably be happy to pay for those services, too. But what about being billed every time you use Wi-Fi,…Read More

New Mexico Tribes Fight to Ban Online Gambling

Blackmail is such an ugly word, but it’s hard to see a new Navajo Nations gambling compact with the state of New Mexico in any other light; the new agreement, now being negotiated, would effectively allow the tribe to withhold any slot machine revenue due the Land of Enchantment should state legislators put through laws…Read More

Women Increasingly Becoming Online Gambling Addicts

According to the leading female addiction specialist in the UK, Liz Karter, gambling online is quickly becoming more appealing to women than drugs or alcohol. Karter explained to UK newspaper The Independent that stress is a major factor behind gambling addiction, and that online gambling addicts are now more often than not women, as they…Read More

Legalized Online Gambling at a Standstill for Prince Edward Island

Wes Sheridan, Finance Minister for the Canadian provincial government of Prince Edward Island, was recently reported as announcing that plans to push ahead with an online gambling regulatory and licensing system had ground to a halt. Sheridan told the local Guardian newspaper that the provincial government has already lost out on millions of dollars in…Read More

Man’s Self-Exclusion Lawsuit Against Montreal Casino for Not Barring Him Gets Tossed

Jean Poulin wanted to get thrown out of any Quebec casino he tried to step foot in. Instead it was his lawsuit against one of those casinos that got unceremoniously thrown out, after the judge ruled he had gone out of his way to avoid detection. Poulin now owes an additional $194 in court costs…Read More

Nevada Sports Betting Embroiled in Battle of Who Can Accept Wagers

Back in the day, if one mob crew was siphoning business from another mobster famiglia in Las Vegas, you know what happened: all hell broke loose. Not much has really changed; the battles have just moved away from the mob and into the state legislature.  The latest such battle involves huge corporate casino sports books…Read More

Problem Gambling Worse During March Madness

For you, it might just be an office bracket pool or a $20 wager online or at your local sportsbook.  But for compulsive gamblers, March Madness, the annual college basketball championship finals surrounding the NCAA’s single-elimination Division 1 tournaments each year, it’s living hell. Take “Frank,” a Gambler’s Anonymous (GA) member who, as such, won’t…Read More

Private Casino, Sir? Bellagio Raises the Bar for High-Roller Offerings with Villa Privé

Massive penthouse suites, private butlers, professional chefs preparing gourmet meals right in your room: that’s nothing new to the high-rollers, (aka “whales”) of the gambling universe. People who can afford to gamble anywhere from high six-figures right on into the millions expect to be courted like the hottest chick in the class by casinos all…Read More

Microgaming Bad Beat Jackpot Already Paying Dividends

The newly-restructured bad beat jackpots (BBJ) at Microgaming came into effect on March 19 and are already paying the desired dividends to players. The jackpot has already been claimed three times since that date for a total of more than €1.15 million ($1.92 million). The new Microgaming bad beat jackpot format was in response to…Read More

Health Agencies Say No to Ottawa Casino

A proposed Ottawa casino in Ontario, Canada is facing opposition from a host of usual suspects and one not-so-usual suspect: local health agencies. They claim gambling just ain’t all that good for the public health and isn’t needed. Those revelations came to light at a press conference earlier this week where Jeff Morrison, Centertown Community…Read More

UK Online Gambling Business is Booming

The online gambling sector in the UK is big business: it generates enormous revenues for the country and has actually continued to build over the last five years, despite the economic woes of many other sectors during this time. In fact, it has been reported by that 2012 saw more than £2 billion generated…Read More