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Not all Granted VISA’s Green Light for Gambling Transactions

It was so simple for awhile: since April 2011 (and for many companies, even before) and the U.S. Department of Justice’s clear manifesto that online gambling transactions were not to be handled by banks on pain of legal action, credit card companies just said no to anything that they could tell came from an Internet…Read More

It’s Not Just for Gambling Anymore: Atlantic City Aims for “Destination Resort” Status

Poor old Atlantic City: it lost the race to be the first U.S. gambling Mecca to offer legal online gambling; it’s still recovering from the ravages of last year’s Hurricane Sandy; and its revenue stream has been more of a trickle, by casino standards anyway, in recent years. Now the Atlantic City Alliance, a group…Read More

Oneida Indians and New York’s Cuomo Agree to Casino Deal

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been looking to expand casino gambling in his state. The Oneida Indian Nation has long wanted to settle land claims and build a new casino in Central New York. There couldn’t have been a more perfect match. The Oneida Indian Nation has now signed agreements both with Governor Cuomo,…Read More

The Rich Get Richer as George Soros Makes Bank Again (or Could Own One)

George Soros, the Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist, was reported recently to have wagered $1 billion on the foreign exchange market, with the insight that the rates would be cut by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Reports state that from this massive wager came a nice profit of $60 million for investor. Insider Information? The billionaire,…Read More

British Punter Beats 11 Million to One Odds to Win Big Payday on William Hill

People often say that money won is sweeter than money earned. Well, one lucky punter’s sweet tooth must have imploded recently as a series of accumulator bets saw him take away over £200,000 (more than $300,000) while gambling on the William Hill sportsbetting website. Defies the Odds An anonymous father of two, based in the…Read More

Strict Punishments Proposed to Curb Turkish Online Gambling

Turkish authorities are not exactly behind the spread of online gambling that many countries around the world are leaning towards, as proposed legislation is looking to curb the trend by introducing stiff fines to Turkish online gamblers in a bid to strengthen their long battle against betting online. Turkey’s war against online gambling has been…Read More

American Attorney Larry Hartman Arrested in Nicaragua; Deported to U.S. to Face Charges in $100M Shell Game

Of all the scams on all the scammy websites in all the world, the scammiest has to be when the elderly are targeted to divest them of their life savings. We’re not sure what happens to old folks, who were obviously once savvy enough to amass some degree of financial security, that makes them vulnerable…Read More

Macau Casinos Look to Boxing to Provide Added Punch

These days, there’s no doubt that Macau has far outstripped Las Vegas when it comes to the world’s largest gambling market. But when it comes to vacation destinations, many still see Las Vegas as having a significant edge. While Macau may boast the most action for high rollers and the largest gambling revenues in the…Read More

Stanley Ho Extending Macau Casino Empire

The King of Gambling is coming to Cotai. That’s the news out of Macau, as Stanley Ho’s SJM Holdings has won government approval to build a casino on the Cotai strip, the hottest growth area in the region. Cotai New Hot Spot In recent years, Macau has left Las Vegas in the dust when it…Read More

Steve Wynn Tells Nevada Legislators He Supports “Broad-Based Business Tax”

Steve Wynn told Nevada legislators in a closed-door meeting that a broad-based business tax of 0.5 percent is the way to go for all businesses who pull in more than $1 million annually. That would translate to a relatively modest $50K for companies just over the $1 million threshold, but substantially more for huge conglomerates…Read More

Las Vegas Sands Must Pay Consultant Richard Suen $70 Million in Final Judgment

After two days of jury deliberations, the verdict is in: Las Vegas Sands (LVS) has to fork over $70 million in past due fees and accrued interest to one-time consultant  and Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen for his role in getting LVS into the Macau gaming market at the start of the decade. Second Suit…Read More

Homeland Security Moves In on Bitcoin Payment Processors

Online gaming payment processor Dwolla and popular Bitcoin exchange site Mt. Gox got an unwelcomed notice that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in conjunction with the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, had issued a seizure warrant for funds this week. DHS apparently moved in to interrupt a transaction between the…Read More

FBI Used Taxpayer Funds in Undercover Legends Sports Sting

Some interesting new reports are shedding light on the U.S. Department of Justice’s indictments against 34 individuals and 23 companies in connection to online gambling operator Legends Sports, alleging that those indicted were offering online and telephone sports betting services from Costa Rica and Panama. The companies indicted have been accused of assisting the Legends…Read More

Phil Ivey Says “That’s a Crock” to Britain’s Oldest Casino

Phil Ivey, the poker pro so good he’s been termed the “Tiger Woods of Poker”, has popped up in the press after filing a £7.3 million ($12.1 million) lawsuit against the oldest casino venue in Britain, Crockford’s Casino. The poker legend claims the exclusive London-based casino is refusing to payout the £7.3 million in winnings…Read More

Temporary Block Placed on Alternate Bid for New Jersey’s Atlantic Club

As the continuing saga of PokerStars’ attempted entree into the Atlantic City casino market unfolds, Rational Group US Holdings, the parent company of the online poker site, successfully gained a court order that places a temporary block on the Atlantic Club casino-hotel owners from selling the venue to another bidder. The temporary court order bars…Read More