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Video PokerVideo poker is an all time favorite for casino regulars and online gamblers. Poker in general is a slow game, but by far one of the most fun to play. The many variations mean you will never get bored, and can constantly change up your game while still enjoying the same feel and play environment. This is originally why video poker was created - to fill the void for people who loved poker but are used to the fast paced casino house games.

Video poker also offers you the unique advantage of being able to enjoy your favorite poker games anytime and anyplace. No more driving around looking for a game, no more worrying about getting enough people together to play. You can enjoy video poker casinos right in your own home, when you want to play, and win real money in the process.

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When you walk up to a video poker machine, you will see the odds posted for payouts. You should note that these payout vary greatly from machine to machine, and machines are broken into two groups - full pay video poker and partial-pay video poker machines. Without a doubt, you want to play on full pay video poker games only, they have the highest payouts and all savvy gamblers know that the other machines are “sucker” machines, for people passing through not knowing they are crushing their own odds by playing at the wrong machines.

The highest paying payouts traditionally are 9 over 6. This will look like 9/6 and means that you get 9 to 1 odds on FH and 6 to 1 on a flush hand. Partial pay machines are more commonly referred to as short machines and they will generally outnumber the full pays. The most common payout standard on most machines is 8/5 which means 8 to 1 odds for a full house and 5 to 1 odds on a flush. This is drastically lower than the 9/6 when dealing in large amounts of money or great periods of time. The house advantage gained over long periods of time with 8/5 video poker over 9/6 is really staggering - so you ALWAYS want to play at a 9/6 machine.

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Now the very best video poker games to get into are the ones with progressive jackpots. If you can find a machine that pays out a progressive jackpot on a royal flush for example you can be in for a very large pay day of thousands or even millions of dollars. Get started and check out some of the today.

Online video poker is a lot of fun and has many variations. Some of the more popular forms of video poker online and live are Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. With the ease of making new video poker machines in the online versions due to advanced technology, you will find even more variations and special versions of video poker online then you would in the already large selection at brick and mortar casinos. Below are the top online casinos with video poker games that are both unique and have high payouts. Keep coming back as we find even more exciting selections for your online poker pleasure. We test out new casinos almost as soon as they open, and offer the best of them up to you on a regular basis. We select only the best online video poker casinos so you can enjoy your game thoroughly. Using our criteria for game play and safety, along with graphic superiority and other important aspects, you get the best gaming experience available from our chosen casinos.

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