Bally’s Tower Gets a New Name and Renovated Rooms

Bally’s Las Vegas might be getting a little long in the tooth, but the old girl still has some life left in her.

One of the Bally’s towers, the former South Tower, was recently re-named the Jubilee Tower (after the hotel’s iconic showgirl show), and its 756 rooms have gotten a much-needed makeover.

First rule of Las Vegas: Never trust what marketing photos show at the view.
First rule of Las Vegas hotels: Never trust what marketing photos show as the view. Photoshop laws are very liberal in Nevada.

The new Jubilee Tower rooms at Bally’s are going for a contemporary vibe, with neutral tones and unremarkable decorative touches. The rooms are 450-square-feet.

The rooms include a “chocolate brown plush corduroy sectional chaise lounge,” which is especially fun if you say it five times, fast.

We’re big fans of the dark wood, and the new Bally’s rooms have that aplenty.

The one bed version, again with a view that couldn't possibly exist in the real world.
Isn’t it weird that the sign on the Cosmopolitan went out at the exact moment this photo was being taken? Weird.

The rooms also feature tufted-leather beds (whatever “tufted-leather” might be), a work desk, a fridge and chandelier-style sconces. What would the Las Vegas experience be without a sconce, after all? The bathrooms have also been redesigned.

Bally’s, of course, was previously the MGM Grand, which lives down The Strip a bit now. The site was originally occupied by the Three Coins Motel, back in 1963. After that, it was the Bonanza Hotel. When Bally’s opened as the MGM Grand in 1973, it was the largest hotel in the world. Rooms in the hotel’s North Tower haven’t been renovated since 2004.

As for prices in the Jubilee Tower, they’re said to start “from $99 a night,” which in Las Vegas hotel speak translates as “good luck finding one of these rooms at $99 on a night you actually want to stay there.”

On a related Bally’s note: Presumably, coming soon to Bally’s is an outdoor mall, the Grand Bazaar Shops. The official site says it will open in Spring of 2014, but dates and other details about this project appear to be in an ongoing state of flux.

The Grand Bazaar's official site says there will be more than 175 shops.
The Grand Bazaar site claims there will be more than 175 shops. Actual results may vary.

We’re big fans of new things in Las Vegas, so let us know what you think of the new Jubilee Tower rooms at Bally’s, and we’ll keep our eye on the Grand Bazaar, assuming it happens at all.