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Talk to casino gambling fans in Virginia and they likely have a big smile on their face. It turns out they love to gamble, and they've got plenty of legit gambling choices from Virginia Beach to Richmond. None, unfortunately, are actually located within state lines. So why are they so happy?

Well, neighboring state West Virginia has just announced that they plan to build a mega resort casino on the West Virginia/Virginia border. And fans of online gambling in Virginia have tons of options if they don't want to leave their house. The state even supports legal Internet horse betting and wagering over the phone. Read on to get the whole deal on why Virginia seems to be so gambling-friendly, even without a single casino property to call its own.

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Virginia Stats
  • Population: 8,185,867
  • Land Size: 39,490 sq. miles
  • Population 18+: 77.1%
  • Gambling Age (Casinos): 21
  • Gambling Age (Lottery): 18
  • Number of Casinos: 0
  • Nickname: The Old Dominion
Virginia Random Facts
VA Random Facts
  • Think gambling is a guilty pleasure? Virginia is famous for its tobacco
  • Home of North America's first Thanksgiving
  • Online casinos thrive here thanks to no land-based casinos within the state

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History of Virginia Gambling

Virginia Casinos

Here's an interesting fact for you from way before the invention of Virginia online gambling. A recent archaeological dig in Jamestown, Virginia unearthed twelve dice and a peg, much like you'd find in a game of backgammon. But these pieces weren't made by Parker Brothers or Milton Bradley.

Gambling had been a big part of Virginia history for centuries. You can blame the English. Charles II ruled England with a love of gambling. The British loved to bet on everything. Dog fights. Backgammon. Chess. Military actions. Births. Deaths. You name it. And the kingdom's love of gambling spread into the North American colonies.

But when the colonists arrived, they noticed that they really weren't bringing anything new to the table. The Native Americans had a history of playing gambling games in Virginia.

Fast forward to today and the tradition continues. Aside from rulers and governments trying to prevent gambling from spreading every now and then, Virginia gambling continues today, both online and off.

Local Casino Venues

There are no legal casino properties in Virginia. Online casino players who want to take their game into the real world can cross state lines - no passport required - and play at one of West Virginia's many casinos legally. The neighboring state is even building a luxury resort casino right on the Virginia border, something that should satisfy a lot of gamblers who prefer to play at bricks-and-mortar casinos over Virginia Internet casinos.

Casino Gambling Age Restrictions

To gamble at an online casino in Virginia, you need to be 21 years old. While there is technically no land-based casino in Virginia, we recommend that all Virginia online casino players adhere to the 21-or-older age requirements when playing at an offshore Virginia Internet gambling casino. Many sites list the gambling age requirement as 18+, but that age restriction is reserved for other states that might have lower age restrictions or for European players. Playing the state lottery comes with an age requirement of 18 so this has confused some Virginia gambling online fans.

The State of Online Gambling in Virginia

While there are no online casinos located within the state, Virginia casino players are free to wager on horses over the Internet through the Colonial Downs, the single horse track located within Virginia state lines. Virginia online gambling players from Norfolk, Chesapeake and all over the state can also hit one of the thousands of online casinos open to US players, though they should note that the casino is based outside the state.

The Future of Virginia Casino Gambling

What can you expect for the future of casino gambling in Virginia? That depends. Some expect the status quo. They argue that with very limited gambling opportunity within state lines, there is an almost 0% chance that the state will explore an online casino, let alone a land-based casino. But others argue that with neighboring West Virginia about to build a giant casino right on the border, the state might up the ante with new casino legislation of its own. Whatever happens, the next few years should be interesting for Virginia online gambling players.

Gambler's Note: Virginia casino laws are always changing. The information on this page is for informational purposes only. Always consult Virginia state law and local regulations before playing at an Virginia online gambling site.

State Gambling Resources

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