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Rhode Island is America's smallest state in terms of area. And in terms of casino games options, they rank pretty low on the list, too. There are only two places to play casino games legally - and the only games offered are electronic.

But there is some good news if you're a Rhode Island online casino player who's been disappointed with land-based casinos and their lack of selection. Table games are coming to one of Rhode Island's two slots-only casino properties. Unfortunately, not both of them. Keep reading to find out why.

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Rhode Island Stats
  • Population: 1,050,292
  • Land Size: 1,033 sq. miles
  • Population 18+: 79.1%
  • Gambling Age (Casinos): 21
  • Gambling Age (Lottery): 18
  • Number of Casinos: 2
  • Nickname: Ocean State
Rhode Island Random Facts
RI Random Facts
  • It's the smallest state in terms of area
  • The country's oldest carousel is here
  • Only one Rhode Island casino can offer table games

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Top Rhode Island Casinos

Twin River

100 Twin River Rd
Lincoln, RI 02865

Newport Grand

150 Admiral Kalbfus Rd
Newport, RI 02840

History of Rhode Island Gambling

Rhode Island Casinos

Rhode Island's legal gambling history has been pretty weak, to put it bluntly. In 1994, voters said no to a casino measure. And then in 2006, voters put a stop to the construction of an Indian casino in West Warwick.

The state's been pretty divided on whether gambling should be sanctioned by the state. How evenly divided? Well, in November 2012, the state asked voters whether they'd like to see the state's two slot machine properties expand to include table games. Half said yes. The other half said no.

This means Twin River gamblers will get to enjoy table games legally, but patrons of Newport Grand won't. Fans in the Newport Grand area will need to play at a Rhode Island online gambling site if they want to play games like blackjack, roulette, and craps. Online venues open up the gaming choices for players from Providence to Pawtucket

Local Casino Venues

There are two places to gamble in Rhode Island - Twin River and Newport Grand. Both properties offer an assortment of slot machines, but for the longest time neither property featured table games. That's about to change at Twin River after voters in the 2012 election approved expanding gambling at the property. Unfortunately, because it lacks the support of the community, Newport Grand will continue to operate as a slots-only casino.

Casino Gambling Age Restrictions

To gamble in Rhode Island at the state's slots properties, you need to be 18 years old. As it stands, that's the legal age. However, with the arrival of table games at Twin River, the gambling age could very well be raised to 21. If you're only interested in playing at Rhode Island Internet casinos, the gambling age requirement is 18. But once again, the law could change with the arrival of table games in the state.

The State of Online Gambling in Rhode Island

With half the voters rejecting expansion of table games at one of the two slots properties, it's unlikely that a Rhode Island online gambling law will see the light of day any time soon. However, players in Rhode Island don't have to look far to play their favorite table games online. Despite its small size, Rhode Islanders have access to thousands of Rhode Island gambling online sites. While the sites aren't run by the state or licensed in the US, they are regulated internationally and millions of Americans continue to play casino games confidently.

The Future of legit Rhode Island Casino Gambling

Half the state is hopeful for Rhode Island casino expansion. The other half? Not so much. But remember, Rhode Island is a fairly small state. So in terms of casinos per square mile, Rhode Island is actually in pretty good shape compared to the rest of the country. Perhaps the state doesn't even need another land-based casino. Perhaps citizens who rejected the land-based expansion know that it's not really necessary thanks to the abundance of Rhode Island online casinos that already offer table games. There are literally thousands of them, so if you're a Rhode Island Internet gambling fan looking to game from somewhere like Warwick or Cranston, check them out.

Gambler's Note: Rhode Island casino laws are always changing. The information on this page is for informational purposes only. Always consult Rhode Island state law and local regulations before playing at an Rhode Island online gambling site.

State Gambling Resources

Rhode Island Council on Problem Gambling

This site helps you identify problem gambling habits, and access information that will help you carve out a successful road to recovery and beyond.

Rhode Island Hospital Gambling Treatment Program

This in-depth, multi-faceted program encompasses the entire family, so that recovery helps everyone who has been affected by the gambler's compulsive habits. Clinical trials are also available for those who may be interested.
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