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No matter where you live in Michigan, you've got tons of legal casino gambling options. Call downtown Detroit home? You've got three downtown casinos, plus a high-end Canadian casino just across the Detroit River. Call another part of Michigan home? A few dozen casinos run by Native American tribes are open and ready to welcome you. Rather not leave your house? You're good to go with tons of online gambling Michigan casinos ready to bring an Internet gambling Michigan portal into your home, whether you're in Grand Rapids or Warren. Read on for all the important info on how you can access the best land-based and Internet Michigan casinos.

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Michigan Stats
  • Population: 9,883,360
  • Land Size: 56,538 sq. miles
  • Population 18+: 76.8%
  • Gambling Age (Casinos): 18/21
  • Gambling Age (Lottery): 18
  • Number of Casinos: 26
  • Nickname: The Great Lakes State
Michigan Random Facts
MI Random Facts
  • Detroit, Michigan is the car capital of the world
  • Detroit residents have access to three casinos, plus a Canadian one across the river
  • First state to get telephone numbers back in 1879

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Top Michigan Casinos

MGM Grand

1777 3rd St
Detroit, MI 48226

Motor City Casino

2901 Grand River Ave
Detroit, MI 48201


555 E Lafayette St
Detroit, MI 48226

Soaring Eagle

6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd
Mt Pleasant, MI 48858

Bay Mills Resort & Casino

11386 W Lakeshore Dr
Brimley, MI 49715

History of Michigan Gambling

Michigan Casinos

Michigan has always been a fairly liberal state when it comes to casino gambling (something that most Michigan online gambling proponents wish would translate to the Internet). In 1933, the state legalized pari-mutuel horse racing within the state. That satisfied most Michigan gamblers for a while, but as soon as the country started to jump on the lottery bandwagon, Michigan gamblers took notice - and so did the government. In 1972, Michigan started its own state lottery.

The expansion of legal MI gaming continued into the 1980s and 1990s with Native American casinos popping up left, right, and center. In fact, by 1996, there were seven separate tribes running 17 different Native American casinos across the state.

But even with tons of different Native American casinos running across the state, scores of Michigan gamblers (online and offline players) flocked across the border to Casino Windsor (now called Caesars Windsor and owned by, you guessed it, Caesars).

With Michigan bleeding revenue and losing out to Canada, the state passed the Michigan Gaming Control & Revenue Act, which permitted three privately owned and operated casinos in downtown Detroit.

Local Casino Venues

Thanks to the 1996 act, you'll find three private casinos in Detroit. That includes MGM Grand, Motor City Casino, and Greektown. The construction of these casinos has helped keep online gamblers in Michigan instead of forcing them south of the border into Canada (and yes, Windsor, Canada is actually south of Detroit, so that isn't a typo).

On top of the three private casinos in Detroit, fans of online gambling in Michigan who are craving land-based table games and slots don't need to head into Detroit. The state features a total of 26 land-based casinos spread across the state, thanks to the Native American tribes who operate their own casinos.

Casino Gambling Age Restrictions

It's perfectly natural for Michigan online gamblers to expect one type of gambling age on the Internet and another type in land-based casinos. But Internet casino gamblers in Michigan might be surprised to find that there's little to no consistency in gambling ages from land-based casino to land-based casino property.

To gamble in one of the three Detroit casinos, you need to be 21 years old. But to gamble at any of the other Native American casinos, the age ranges from 18 years old to 21 years old. That's because individual tribes are allowed to set their own gambling age within that range. Thankfully, Michigan casinos online require that players be 18 years old across the board.

Famous Michigan Gamblers

Not all gamblers are worth looking up to. But one of the most famous Michigan gamblers has many who like to gamble online in Michigan asking themselves whether they'd paint themselves into the same corner Ronald Page did.

Between late 2008 and early 2009, the Detroit gambler took advantage of a Bank of America ATM glitch that allowed him to withdraw more money than he could ever imagine having. Somehow, a glitch in the system allowed Ronald Page to withdraw $1.5 million from ATMs, even though he only had $300 to his name. And no, he didn't gamble it away at a Michigan online casino. He gambled it all away at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit.

Proponents of online gambling in Michigan argue that online casinos are actually safer because online casinos have mechanism to investigate if players seem to be charging too much money to their credit card or depositing through other mean way too frequently. And many online casinos in Michigan actually set deposit limits. At land-based casinos, no one questions how much cash you're dropping on the table.

The State of Online Gambling in Michigan

There hasn't been much talk about legalizing online casino games in Michigan. But that could very well change. In the 1990s, the government of Michigan got scared as they watched billions of dollars in gaming profit bleed over to Canada. Their nervousness led to the creation of three casinos on their side of the Detroit River. If neighboring US states start creating their own online casinos, Michigan could very well take the same approach and create their own Michigan Internet gambling portal.

The Future of Michigan Casino Gambling

With nearly 30 casinos spread across the state, plus access to offshore Internet casinos, Michigan residents have tons of options for placing bets, whether you're gaming from Detroit or Sterling Heights. The state tends to view gambling favorably, and with a hurting economy the state could look for other revenue sources to boost their coffers. That could very well include a Michigan online casino. But even without one, Michigan gamblers online and off have a very open and free gambling road ahead of them.

Gambler's Note: Michigan casino laws are always changing. The information on this page is for informational purposes only. Always consult Michigan state law and local regulations before playing at an Michigan online gambling site.

State Gambling Resources

Michigan Department of Community Health/Problem Gambling

The state's Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services offers a 24-hour help line, as well as prevention and treatment services to Michigan residents struggling with gambling addiction and its fallout.

Michigan Department of Community Health/Gambling Info for Demographic Groups

Michigan has specialized services aimed at specific demographic groups and their gambling problems; seniors, women, men and teens are all given focus and help on this page.
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