Goldfish Slot Review

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Key Game Features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount $30,000
Paylines 25
Date of last win n/a
Max. wager $105.00
Payout % 96.17
Bonus round No
Software WMS
Max. payout $30,000
Theme Nature/Goldfish
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Normal

Goldfish Game Overview

There are quite a few Goldfish themed slots around, but this one, created by Williams Interactive, offers some of the most vivid displays and best action. The five active reels of the Goldfish online slot, which include a range of aquatic symbols such as various forms of water life and types of fish-care gear and supplies, are set within an active aquarium where various colorful fish swim in and out of the frame. This is a fun and engaging 25-payline video slot that tantalizes players with the possibility of hitting a jackpot that’s worth $30,000.

We find that the Goldfish slot has the potential to offer players hours of fun no matter what their budget may be. This game allows players to wager as little a one penny per payline per spin, plus a required feature bet which costs $0.10 at the lowest level, for a total bet of 35 cents per turn. That means you can take 100 spins on the Goldfish slot machine for just $35.00. It’s hard to find a 25-payline slot that allows for that many spins and chances to win at such a low price. We have all the information you want and need to completely enjoy all that this Goldfish casino game has to offer.

  • Learn the ins and outs of this lighthearted and welcoming machine
  • Use our Goldfish tips to make the best bets and increase your chances of winning
  • Play for free or play for as little as 35 cents or as much as $105 per spin

Low Variance Slot Pays Out Often

Win often and enjoy extended play


Bet Big and Win Big

Jackpot worth as much as $30,000


Play for a Little as $35 Cents Per Spin

Hundreds of spins for under $100


Low Stakes Players and High Rollers Welcome

Huge range of bets, making this affordable for anyone


  • Large range of bets, from $0.35 to $105.00 per spin
  • Huge possible payouts
  • Low variance slot pays out often
  • Fun bonus round offers numerous chances to win


  • No free spins
  • Lacks multiplier symbol
  • No progressive jackpot

Top 5 reasons why we rated Goldfish: Excellent

  • 1
    Goldfish jackpot worth up to $30,000
  • 2
    Complete numerous paylines on one turn
  • 3
    Soothing, welcoming graphics and calypso-jazz music
  • 4
    Play Goldfish slot with any size bankroll
  • 5
    Exciting bonus round

Review of Goldfish's Key Features

We had a lot of fun playing Goldfish slots

In preparing our Goldfish slots review, we took numerous spins on this online machine, and found that it was simply a lot of fun. There are various reasons as to why we enjoyed the Goldfish slot machine so much. One major reason has to do with the number of times that we scored low- to medium-sized wins. Although we never hit the big jackpot, we did manage to keep the reels rolling on a relatively small bankroll. This is not a one-and-done-spin slot machine. That’s great news for those who want to play for an extended amount of time.

There are two symbols that pack a lot of power. The first is the smiling, ultra-friendly goldfish. When these symbols appear on a reel, they serve as the wild, completing paylines. Plus, get four goldfish icons and you’ll win $3,000, while five offers the big Goldfish jackpot of $30,000. The second symbol that offers a big wallop is the feature icon, which is a bright blue and gold container of fish food, and is the scatter. When playing the Goldfish online slot, if you get three of more of these symbols, you’ll go to the bonus round.

The Goldfish bonus round has two segments. In the first section, players are presented with 25 containers of food. Choose containers to reveal prizes associated with specific fish. These can add up quickly. Your turn is over once you select five containers that are filled with kelp. By the way, if four scatters trigger your bonus round, you’ll win an extra 750 coins and if five fish food icons appear, you’ll get an additional bonus of 7,500.

In developing our Goldfish online slot review, we found that this machine was completely entertaining. Unlike many of today’s video slots, the Goldfish slot is not overly complicated, and yet, it has just enough bells and whistles to keep most players completely occupied. Also, we like the fact that this online slot can be enjoyed by low, medium, and high stakes players.

Rich artwork makes for stunning aquatic symbols

The Goldfish slot machine features a rich collection of icons that include five different fish and six other symbols related to aquatic life. The graphics on this machine are lush and lively. We like the fact that the game does not use traditional slots symbols of 10 through A. Instead, it offers water-related icons like the turtle, anemone, and crab.

Understanding this popular slot

The Goldfish casino game is quite simple to play. Select the amount you want to spend per payline. The game will calculate your bet, multiplying your wager times 25 paylines plus adding the feature wager, which is 10 times your payline bet. As an example, if you select $2.00 per payline, your wager will be $50.00 plus $20.00 (10 times $2.00) for a total wager of &70.00. Of course, you can play for as little as 35 cents a spin. So if you don’t have a large bankroll there’s no need to be concerned.

Prior to playing this slot, make sure that you check out the entire paytable. The button that activates the table is in the lower left-hand corner of the slot. Included are diagrams of all 25 paylines. Reviewing this information will give you a good idea of what it takes to win when playing the Goldfish online slot. One thing to note, it that there is a total of 11 icons with five being various types of fish. The fish symbols are worth the most and, thus, the best ones to hit.

How to get the most from each spin

We’ve got some Goldfish tips designed to ensure that you get the most out of every spin. First, prior to making a bet take a moment to evaluate your bankroll as well as what you want to get out of this machine. If you have a $100 bankroll and you’d like to play for as long as possible, you’ll bet much differently than if you have the same amount of cash and your goal is to hit a big jackpot quickly.

If you want to play the Goldfish online slot for an extended period of time with $100, you’ll want to bet from one to two cents per payline. That will give you between 150 and 290 spins. However, if you less interested in extended playing time and you’d rather go for it in terms of winning big, then you may want to bet 70 cents per payline, for a total of $17.50, plus the $7.00 feature wager, which would total $24.50 per turn. That would give you only four spins, but you could qualify for a payout of $7,000. Contrast that to a jackpot payout of $200 when your base bet is two cents per payline or a total of 70 cents per turn.

Mobile play on phone and tablet

Our Goldfish review found that in order to play this machine on your mobile device, you’ll need to access your online casino through your device’s web browser. There’s no Goldfish slot machine app. However, playing this game through your mobile device’s browser is simple and easy. We found that it played seamlessly and quickly and that the graphics and sound were completely engaging.

How good we found Goldfish to be

We thoroughly enjoyed playing this slot machine. Make sure that you use our Goldfish tips, which will help you get the most out of this game. We love this video slot’s rich artwork, upbeat music, and numerous betting options. The Goldfish jackpot, which is triggers by five goldfish, offers a payout of 10,000 times a payline bet or about 285 times the total wager. Any way you look at it, that’s a big payout. Prior to playing for real money, enjoy the Goldfish online slot for free right here. We think you’ll like it enough to make it one of your favorite online casino games.

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