Cyrus The Virus Slot Review

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Key Game Features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount 2,000x cash bet
Paylines 10
Date of last win N/A
Max. wager 40
Payout % 96.3
Bonus round No
Software Yggdrasil
Max. payout 80,000
Theme Science
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Fixed

Cyrus The Virus Game Overview

The Cyrus The Virus casino game is definitely…different. In a complete 180 from themes like luxury products and historical settings offered by so many games, it opts to focus on germs and bacteria. That sense of being out of the ordinary is reflected in its gameplay too, with some quirky mechanics that we’ll cover in more depth during our detailed Cyrus The Virus review.

For example, since the game offers paylines that go from right to left as well as left to right, there’s a chance to pick up some nice little wins from outcomes that would only leave you frustrated when playing a traditional slot. After all, we’ve all cursed our luck after seeing matching symbols scattered across reels 2 to 5 but not in that elusive first reel.

So, whether you’ve always preferred to stick to traditional slot mechanics or are hunting for something different, we hope you enjoy learning a little more about Cyrus and his crew.

  • More on how the game mixes up traditional slots
  • See how the Cyrus The Virus slot rewards players with exciting wilds
  • Find out where to catch the virus yourself
Unique game mechanics

Unique game mechanics

Perfect if you’re looking for something different

High RTP, at >96%

High RTP, at >96%

Over time this should help you to reduce your losses

Off the wall theme

Off the wall theme

Might want to avoid it when you’re eating lunch!

Expanding wilds

Expanding wilds

Offers an interesting take on traditional free spins


  • Really nice-looking slot
  • Expanding re-triggering wilds
  • “Both ways” paylines
  • A lot of fun to play


  • No dedicated bonus round
  • Difficult to rack up big wins

Top 5 reasons why we rated Cyrus The Virus: Excellent

  • 1
    Interesting game mechanics
  • 2
    Unique visuals and soundtrack
  • 3
    We like the expanding wilds
  • 4
    Cheap enough for low rollers to enjoy
  • 5
    Gameplay that’s pretty compelling

Review of Cyrus The Virus's Key Features

Will you be immune to the charms of this interesting 5-reel slot?

Taking his name (presumably!) from the villain in the movie Con Air, the title of the Cyrus The Virus slot machine is nothing if not interesting. Its jackpot is nothing all that special but its gameplay, with expanding wilds in the place of free spins and “both ways” paylines, certainly is.

No doubt, this – as well as the game’s high RTP % – will appeal to a lot of players but it may be off-putting to those who like their action a little more predictable. Still, might be time to get used to change now – if lesser known (compared with biggies like Microgaming and IGT) companies like Yggdrasil keep putting out innovative titles like this one, larger developers may be inclined to follow suit.

If you’re looking for Cyrus The Virus tips then we’d recommend that you think of the game as a war of attrition – with no traditional bonus round and a high RTP%, this is a game that you’ll likely have to stick with for a while to slowly and steadily grow your bankroll. It’s entirely unlike a progressive title, where one lucky spin could see you taking home millions.

Graphics that germophobes will want to steer clear of!

With plenty of microscopic creations that are suitably disgusting and a playing interface that resembles the inside of a dirty petri dish, any Cyrus The Virus online slot review must say that the game looks great…in a gross sort of way!

Our only minor complaint is that there’s no easy way to remember which of the completely original symbols are associated with higher jackpots until you’ve been playing for a while.

No free spins?! Don’t worry – it’s not as sick as it sounds

For a game to be successful without offering a bonus round of free spins it has to do something drastically different, and that’s absolutely the case with this game. Every now and then, an expanding wild appears on the middle reel and re-triggers an additional free spin.

You can reasonably expect a wild win to cover the cost of your next 5-10 spins, but it only takes a bit of luck to land a prize much bigger than that – still, when it comes to Cyrus The Virus, jackpot chasers might find the game a little lacking.

Because the game has just 10 paylines, you can sometimes find yourself looking at the outcome of spins and thinking “how on earth wasn’t that a winner?!” even with the game’s unusual left to right and left to right mechanics. That’s par for the course with games that have a small number of paylines though, so might not be an issue for you.

Even low rollers should have no problem covering these lines

With a range of coin sizes spanning a single penny all the way up to four bucks, even the maximum possible bet per spin playing a Cyrus The Virus online slot isn’t all that high. With a decent jackpot or a nice re-triggering wild win only ever one lucky spin away, we’d recommend playing with as high a coin value as you can reasonably afford.

In so many games you have to hope that your bankroll can last long enough to get you to a bonus round but, clearly, there’s no such concern when you’re playing this game. Just cross your fingers, place your bet and hope that Lady Luck is smiling down on you! Of course, you should still make sure that you play with enough cushion to allow the game’s high RTP % to start balancing out any losses you might experience.

Catch a virus on your mobile device (but not like that!)

The bold and brash cartoon-y graphics of Cyrus The Virus are ideal for use on smartphone or tablet, with this game actually looking a lot like popular mobile games such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga.

As long as you can find a mobile casino or responsive gambling site offering the game, we think it’s a great choice for playing while you’re, say, on the bus or if you’re trying to strike it rich during your lunch break. Its absence of a traditional bonus round makes it even more suited to picking up and playing, because there’s no need to keep slogging away until you reach a round of free spins.

Cyrus The Virus is a unique title that might just get under your skin

It’s probably pretty clear from our Cyrus The Virus slot review that this game won’t be for everyone – a relatively low jackpot and the lack of a bonus round will definitely put some players off. But with a fairly high RTP % and additional spins generated by that expanding wild, there are plenty of players out there who will get a real kick out of Cyrus The Virus. The best way to immunize yourself(!) is, as ever, to take the game for a test drive in free play mode first. It’s always interesting to see slots disrupt traditional mechanics so we think, for that reason alone, it’s worth checking out.

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