Coral Sportsbook Review 2021

Coral has a big presence on the UK sports betting scene and has been taking bets since 1926. Coral further strengthened its position in the industry when it merged with Ladbrokes in 2016. Coral continues to operate its own unique brand which includes land-based betting shops and one of the best sports betting apps and sites available anywhere. With a big selection of sports and bets plus great bonuses and promotions, it’s definitely worth a look.

Security and Fair Play


Coral is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission which oversees everything from the site’s security to banking, marketing and business practices. In order to operate legally in the UK, sites like Coral have to prove that they’re safe and secure to use. Coral’s license is up to date and in good standing.

Customer service

In addition to security, we always thoroughly review each site’s customer service option. After a close look at Coral’s support team we really liked what we saw. First off, we were happy to see that there’s 24/7 live chat support. Being able to jump on a chat with a support representative is way better than filling out an email form and waiting for a reply.

When we tested out the different ways to contact Coral’s customer support, we got replies right away. Overall the support team seemed dedicated, professional and interested in helping us with our problems.

Conclusion: What a Catch


Coral has definitely earned one of the top spots in the UK sports betting industry. Thanks to its recent merger with Ladbrokes, the company now has even more resources to improve its betting experience.

From a user perspective, Coral’s software is attractive and works really well. That’s especially true for the mobile app which is one of the best we’ve reviewed so far. We also love the huge selection of bets and different sports.

You can probably count the other sports betting sites that can compete with Coral on one hand. It’s definitely one of the big fish in the UK sports gambling pond so it’s not surprising that it scored such high marks in this review.