2023's Top 10 Online Casinos for ecoCard

EcoCard is a pre-paid card that can be used to make purchases online created by the same company who’s behind ecoPayz. This offers a range of benefits – quick deposits, increased security and a greater degree of control over your bankroll – for online gambling. Below we’ll be looking at how to make deposits and cash out using ecoCard, along with how it stacks up against alternative banking options. We’ll also share some of the best ecoCard online casinos available on the web today!

Our Top Recommended EcoCard Casinos

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Ecocard casinos to avoid

Safe and secure, Ecocard deposits and withdrawals are accepted around the world by the best and safest online casinos. However, some less reliable and secure online casinos also accept this payment method and we have added some Ecocard casinos to our list of sites to avoid.

Our Top Recommended Casinos

Intro to ecoCard

Falling under the umbrella of ecoPayz, this payment method offers prepaid cards – available in three different currencies (£, $ and €) – with which you can spend the money in your ecoAccount. Once you have your physical ecoCard, you can use it in exactly the same way you would a debit or credit card.

ecoCard is accepted all over the world, at millions of shops and ATMs, but has carved out a nice little niche with online gamblers as well. Signing up for an ecoAccount is easy, with no credit check requirements, and you’ll have your ecoCard within a few days of requesting it.

How to make a deposit using ecoCard

Whatever device you’re using – desktop, laptop or mobile – it’s very easy to make a deposit at ecoCard casinos. The information below offers a template on using this payment method at online casinos, but be aware that the process of making a deposit may differ slightly at each venue:


1. Make sure your ecoCard is active and that your ecoAccount has funds in it.

No deposit bonus

2. Head to the Cashier section of an online casino and select ecoCard.


3. Enter all of the relevant information from your card, i.e. the long number on the front etc., and choose how much you want to deposit.

Bowl of Diamonds

4. Wait for your online gambling account to reflect that the money has been transferred and that you’ve claimed any relevant bonus cash.


5. Use the money transferred from your ecoCard as credit at the casino you’re playing at.

How to withdraw from a casino using ecoCard

Once again, this process might differ slightly from casino to casino. For example, sites may have different minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts for different payment methods. Regardless, the below information should always stand you in pretty good stead:

1. Go to the Cashier section and select ecoCard for your withdrawal.

Make sure you’ve cleared all wagering requirements and, if requested, submitted the relevant ID documentation before trying to make a withdrawal.

    Go to the Cashier section and select ecoCard for your withdrawal.

    2. Enter your cash out amount and e-wallet details

    Enter the amount you want to cash out, taking care not to exceed the maximum possible withdrawal, and initiate the transfer.

      Enter your cash out amount and e-wallet details

      3. Verify your details and withdrawal timings

      Check the information provided by your chosen casino on how long you can expect to wait for them to process your payment.

        Verify your details and withdrawal timings

        4. Confirm your withdrawal

        When the money appears you can spend it via your ecoCard (or ecoPayz), or transfer the funds to your bank account. Just be sure to check if there’s any fees from ecoPayz to transfer to your bank.

          Confirm your withdrawal


          • Provides a nice bridge between physical and virtual cash
          • Easily connected with an existing bank account
          • Widely accepted in the online gambling space – plenty of ecoCard casinos out there
          • Up to 3 cards available, so you can take advantage of different currencies
          • All of the safety and security measures associated with credit cards


          • May incur a fee when transferring from your ecoAccount to your bank
          • You need to keep your card, or the information on it at least, handy at all times
          • Need to wait for your card to arrive before you can start using it

          Safety and security

          From their website to the way they do business, ecoCard checks all of the relevant boxes. Their website uses SSL and is certified by the Thawte Certification Authority, and the company behind it all is certified for – and complies with – PCI and DSS (Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards).

          Using the service effectively creates an additional layer of protection between your bank account and any site you deal with. In other words, only the money you’re sending from your ecoAccount is never at risk. If you deal with reputable ecoCard online casinos that should never be an issue anyway, but it’s good to know that this “buffer” is there.


          The security and integrity of your personal information is our top priority, and in order to protect it, we employ all available measures so that you don't have to worry.

          ecoCard Security Policy

          How we rate banking methods

          Safety and Security

          Before we do anything else, we make sure that payment methods have appropriate security measures in place. Without those, we won’t touch a banking option…even if it looks perfect in every other respect. We also take a look at the company behind the product.

          Secure SSL
          Secure badge

          Deposit and Withdrawal

          The quicker a payment option allows you to make a deposit or cash out, the better. Using our own money, we examine these timeframes at different online casino sites. We’ll also monitor for any unforeseen issues that arise during these processes.

          Diners Club

          Customer Service

          A payment method can be absolutely fantastic but it’s still virtually inevitable that you’ll need some help with something from their customer support team eventually. We send a few issues their way to see how friendly, helpful and, ultimately, effective they are.

          Customer Service


          We put all of the above, plus lots of other things, together to form a holistic picture of how easy a payment method is to get to grips with. Ultimately, we’re looking for something that works across all platforms, is readily available at online casinos and offers a reliable experience for its users.

          4.1 /5

          Why use ecoCard at online casinos?

          Signing up is quick and easy, and only includes a short wait to receive your card in the mail. Using your new ecoCard works in just the same way as any other credit or debit card. For the best of both worlds, e-wallet and prepaid card, you can’t go wrong with ecoCard casinos. And let’s not forget that it’s widely accepted by plenty of top gambling venues.

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          Why use an EcoCard?

          This service provides a great balance as it offers all the advantages of a prepaid card and an e-wallet, through the ecoAccount associated with each card. There’s no need to provide credit card details, registration is free, and ecoCard offers users an additional layer of security.

          Can anyone use it?

          At the time of writing, ecoCard is not available everywhere. Although it’s an option for gamblers across the EU it’s not, for example, available in the USA. If you’re in an area where ecoCard is not an option, their website will make it clear that it’s not possible for you to sign up.

          Is it accepted at all online casinos?

          Although it’s not available in every online casino, ecoCard can be used just about anywhere you can use a Mastercard. As most gamblers know, that means it’s very widely available indeed! More and more online casinos are adding support for ecoCard (and ecoPayz) but, until then, we have a list of top venues where this payment method is accepted.

          How does it compare to the other similar options?

          As we’ve mentioned above, ecoCard offers all of the advantages of a prepaid debit card with several of the perks an e-wallet service offers. In this respect, it’s a little like having a Neteller or PayPal account that comes with a physical card you can use to access your account.

          Are my details safe?

          This service boasts all sorts of security measures to protect user data so, provided you keep your ecoCard details safe, you shouldn’t have any problems. Plus, using ecoCard online casinos means that there’s no need to expose your bank details or regular credit card information.

          Are there fees involved?

          The casinos that we recommend certainly won’t charge you for using ecoCard. It’s worth pointing out, however, that there may be fees associated with withdrawing money from your ecoAccount to your bank account. You’ll find more information about these on the ecoCard website.

          How are my winnings paid?

          If you choose to use this service, it’s possible to transfer your winnings straight back to your ecoAccount. If this isn’t something that your casino of choice offers then you’ll need to select one of their supported withdrawal options instead.