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Caesars Harrah’s Philadelphia Under Fire for Racetrack Conditions

Harrah's Philadelphia Pennsylvania gaming

  Nobody ever said running a casino conglomerate was easy. Whether facing budget deficits, collapsing partnerships, or regulatory scrutiny, the CEO of any major casino company better have a firm grip on ways to keep calm and carry on, as the modern vernacular says. And Caesars Entertainment Corp. has certainly experienced more than its fair…Read More

European Bookmakers Lose Millions on Horses Linked to Barney Curley

Barney Curley

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hitting a daily double, pick six or other big accumulator at the race track, especially when that final horse comes in to complete your once-in-a-lifetime payday. But while there have been some epic wins over the course of horse racing history, few compare to the story that played…Read More

Nevada Gaming Control Board Joins Olympic Committee to Fight Bet Scams

Winter Olympics Sochi Olympic Committee Nevada Gaming Control Board

The issues of match fixing,  point shaving and lately, even courtsiding, have all put problematic betting issues regarding sports in the news a lot lately. And of course, nothing is more front-of-mind when it comes to sports than the upcoming XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia that will run from February 7 -23, beginning in…Read More

Evenly Matched Super Bowl Promises Excitement for Bettors and Books

Superbowl LVIII

For a long time – especially in the 1980s and into the 1990s – the major complaint about the Super Bowl was that the games rarely managed to be super. Mismatches and blowouts were common, and there was little last-minute drama: either for fans, or those who had put down bets on either team. For…Read More

UK Man Charged with Courtsiding at Australian Open

Daniel Dobson courtsiding Australian Open

For tennis fans, there’s nothing they’d rather be doing right now than sitting courtside watching Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams at the Australian Open. But one young man from the UK was arrested this week for “courtsiding” of a different nature, becoming the first to be charged with the emerging crime Down Under. The 22-year-old…Read More

Poker Site 888 Wants Hakeem Nicks to Add an 8 to His Jersey

Hakeem Nicks online poker

In the overcrowded arena of ways to get your name out there, sometimes you just have to think outside the box. That’s the thinking, apparently, of the marketing geniuses at, an online poker site now licensed in the newly launched New Jersey Internet casino marketplace, when they offered New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks $88,800…Read More

Trinidad and Tobago Betting Shops Decry 10 Percent Betting Tax

Trinidad and Tobago sportsbooks taxes

An ongoing dispute between Trinidad and Tobago’s government and betting shops regarding tax percentages stems from what business owners claim is “hurting racing” by making punters angry and causing a significant decline in wagers being placed. The island nation that sits north of Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles is facing the classic battle…Read More

University of Texas El Paso Boots Basketball Players for Gambling

UTEP Miners illegal sportsbetting NCAA

If you’re a college sports fan, you probably don’t think much about the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) when it comes to teams. Sure, you’ve probably heard of UTEP, but you’re not too worried when your favorite team suits up to play them, and you won’t be picking them to win a national…Read More

PartyPoker to Sponsor Devils, 76ers for Advertising First

PartyPoker New Jersey Devils Philadelphia 76ers

Sports betting may be the most heavily restricted form of gambling in the United States, but let’s be honest: everyone knows how to place a bet on their favorite teams if they want to, whether that’s with their local bookie or at an online sportsbook. But the major sports leagues in the USA still have…Read More

Internet Sensation Auburn Fan Mark Skiba Just Misses with 500-1 Shot

Auburn fan Mark Skiba

The Auburn Tigers almost pulled off one of the most unlikely national championships in the history of college football this week. But for one man with a massive payday on the line, “almost” simply wasn’t close enough. Mark Skiba is now something of an Internet phenom, after he posted a picture of the $100, 500-1…Read More

Former Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Merriweather Suing Area Casino

Mike Merriweather Meadows Casino

Mike Merriweather was a staple of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense in the 1980s. From 1982-1987, he played with the NFL team, making three Pro Bowl games and recording as many as 15 sacks in a season. He was even named the team MVP in the 1987 season. Legal Proceedings Against Meadows Racetrack But that was…Read More

Labour MP Ed Miliband Vows to Introduce FOBT Legislation

UK Labour party Ed Miliband FOBTs

It looks as though UK Labour MP Ed Miliband may be grasping for public appreciation, as he has now vowed to gear up his attack on the controversial high-stakes gambling machines which have become prevalent in betting shops across British high streets. FOBTs’ Spread Cited as Ominous Promising to introduce new laws to control the…Read More

David Beckham Promoting Sands in Singapore and Macau

David Beckham Sands Macao Marina Bay Sands

It must be nice to be so famous, so adored, that you can pretty much sell anything to anyone for any price. And not that he needs the money with an estimated net worth of $300 million, but such is the situation for iconic retired soccer star and universally recognized hottie David Beckham – a…Read More

Paddy Power Backs Dennis Rodman Trips to North Korea

Dennis Rodman Paddy Power Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea, again. Yes, it’s the same old story: an odd former NBA star heading to a rogue nation led by a strange man who Rodman calls his friend. It’s a match so bizarre that it almost makes perfect sense. Hooping It Up in North Korea Rodman has made a handful…Read More

Three English Soccer Players Suspended for Violation of Betting Rules

British soccer Football Association

The Football Association (FA) – England’s governing body for soccer – has made a point of cracking down harshly on players and staff members who violate rules about betting on matches. Apparently, they’re willing to go very, very far down the league ladder to find and punish those who break those rules. Betting Rule Breaches…Read More