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American Attorney Larry Hartman Arrested in Nicaragua; Deported to U.S. to Face Charges in $100M Shell Game

Of all the scams on all the scammy websites in all the world, the scammiest has to be when the elderly are targeted to divest them of their life savings. We’re not sure what happens to old folks, who were obviously once savvy enough to amass some degree of financial security, that makes them vulnerable…Read More

Macau Casinos Look to Boxing to Provide Added Punch

These days, there’s no doubt that Macau has far outstripped Las Vegas when it comes to the world’s largest gambling market. But when it comes to vacation destinations, many still see Las Vegas as having a significant edge. While Macau may boast the most action for high rollers and the largest gambling revenues in the…Read More

O.J. Simpson Back for a New Day in Court in Las Vegas

Claiming his attorney just wanted the half-million dollar defense fee, O.J. Simpson, the fallen football superhero-turned-inmate, asserted at a recent special hearing in Sin City before Judge Linda Bell that he deserves another day in court.  Simpson is asking for a new trial based on what he claims was his attorney Yale Galanter’s negligence in…Read More

FBI Used Taxpayer Funds in Undercover Legends Sports Sting

Some interesting new reports are shedding light on the U.S. Department of Justice’s indictments against 34 individuals and 23 companies in connection to online gambling operator Legends Sports, alleging that those indicted were offering online and telephone sports betting services from Costa Rica and Panama. The companies indicted have been accused of assisting the Legends…Read More

Man Sues Sportsbet for “Halting” Winning Streak

Australian sportsbetting enthusiast Robert MacMillan, 55,  has filed suit with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal against Sportsbet, claiming they have prevented him from pocketing further winnings, after allegedly reducing his wagering options following a five-week hot streak. MacMillan explained that he first began wagering with Sportsbet back in 2005, and used the site for…Read More

$218 Million Cash Back Possible for Betfair Investors

After saying “thanks, but no thanks” to a buyout offering from CVC Capital Partners (citing their valuations of their company as far too low), online sports betting outfit Betfair has come up with a new plan that they think will keep their investors feeling all warm and fuzzy: a possible $218 million (£140 million) payout to…Read More

Right Hand Could Be Problem for Mayweather September Fight

We hope he has it insured by Lloyd’s of London for a couple trillion bucks: we’re referring to Floyd Mayweather’s right hand, of course.  His punches did some damage to opponent Robert Guerrero in their big WBC welterweight match last week, but Mayweather’s hand also took some damage and it remains to be seen if…Read More

Alleged Illegal Poker Ring Connections Dash Marc Lasry’s Embassy Hopes

Marc Lasry, founder of the investment firm Avenue Capital, had been considered a contender to become the next U.S. ambassador to France, but has  withdrawn his name from the running after revelations of his connections to an alleged illegal poker ring run by Russian mobsters. The New York Post reports that Lasry, a Wall Street…Read More

Support Grows for Canadian Sports Betting Bill

The bill to legalize single sports betting in Canada may look tired and defeated at this point, but the support for the Bill C-290 is still seeing growth throughout the country as the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce has now voiced their full support in favor of the legislation. They join a number of other…Read More

Mayweather vs Guerrero best betting odds

A Betting Slugfest In just a few days, on May 4, Floyd Mayweather will step into the ring after his year-long absence. Will he be ready to take on Robert Guerrero who is hungry for the win? Mayweather’s absence includes the 87 days he spent in a Clark County (NV) jail for domestic abuse. It…Read More

Sports Betting Coates Family Makes the British Rich List

As the family behind one of the world’s largest online sports betting sites, bet365, the Coates family are reportedly set to become Britain’s first gambling billionaires after amassing a fortune of £925 million (that’s something like a billion and 4 million more in change in dollars) and have been featured in the 2013 London Sunday Times…Read More

Betfair Rejects Takeover Bid

Formula 1 owner CVC Capital Partners’ takeover bid of Betfair has reportedly been rejected by the sports betting exchange and online casino operator, after UK newspaper The Telegraph reported that the £912 million ($1,413,600) bid was too low. The preliminary offer of 880 pence ($13.60) per share was received last Friday from CVC Capital Partners,…Read More

World Sports Exchange CEO Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

In 2011, shortly after online gambling site World Sports Exchange (WSE) went insolvent and began struggling to pay out players’ winnings, co-founder Jay Cohen reportedly became a recluse, gained over 100 pounds, and was seen as potentially suicidal. But it’s Steve Schillinger, one of Cohen’s co-founders of WSE, who is now being mourned, after being found dead…Read More

Charges Dismissed Against Bronco’s Safety Quinton Carter; Bail Forfeited

First, the good news: charges filed by Las Vegas casino Texas Station against star Denver Broncos safety Quinton Carter have been dropped. Now the bad news: he’ll be forfeiting the $1,000 in bail money he had to pay when initially arrested. But hey, what’s $1K to a pro football player? As long as he keeps…Read More

Alleged Russian Mafia Kingpin Indicted by DoJ for New York Illegal Gambling Op

What do you do for an encore after you’ve been indicted for bribing Olympic figure skating judges? Naturally, you get indicted for running illegal poker and sports betting operations. Think of it as a kind of Russian Mafia entrepreneurial spirit, always looking for the next big thing in illegal activities. Such is the case for…Read More