Smart Play: Joingo Brings Casinos and Gamblers Together via Mobile

Posted on: August 17, 2013, 05:30h. 

Last updated on: August 14, 2013, 03:59h.

Joingo LLC interfaces between casinos and their customers via smart phones and mobile devices.

We all live on our smartphones and mobile devices these days, so it only makes sense for casinos to use this technology to reach their customers. But designing the customized software for this purpose is expensive, complex and time-consuming, and that’s where one smart technology company has jumped in to create their own market niche, interfacing with casinos’ customers in very specific and compelling ways. Enter Joingo.

Things like players’ club rewards and incentives can easily get lost in emails and mailers- not to mention the cost to print and mail flyers and coupons-  but smart phone apps can bring more attention and interest, and Joingo LLC has figured out how to do this for casinos.

Loyalty Club Direct

The San Jose, Calif.-based business – which also operates out of Las Vegas and Incline Village in Lake Tahoe – sells its customizable smartphone app to casinos, mainly with the goal of zeroing in on and upselling loyalty club members.

“We have a one-stop shop solution for a fragmented eco-system of apps,” said Alex Kanwetz, Joingo’s co-founder and vice president of business development. “It’s also not about just having an app anymore; it’s about how you use it.”

By tapping into Joingo’s Mobile Loyalty System, and interfacing it with the casino’s own database, each company is able to create their own customized campaigns, even going so far as personalizing the app as it appears on a client’s phone, using their own preferences, based on usage and geography. It’s proved particularly useful for time-sensitive promotions, and allows customers to track their loyalty points from anywhere, and, of course, is fully integrated with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“The value to the player is that they receive something that is personalized,” Kanwetz said.

Focused on Casinos

Joingo currently has 12 gaming company clients, and intends to keep the casino industry their primary market. “We are focused on gaming because it is such a large space,” Kanwetz said.

It’s fluidity is that it can be used by large or small operations just as effectively, ranging from Indian casinos to huge properties in Macau. It only takes Joingo 30 days to get a new client’s interface up and running. Kanwetz says for smaller properties in particular, they could never manifest programs like these on their own.

The apps interface with everyone – Apple, Android and Blackberry – and even allow for text messaging and mobile websites.  The latter allows customers to get reward coupons instantly, encouraging visits. “We drive the business to the front door, and casinos know that,” Kanwetz said.

The Stratosphere in Las Vegas is already a customer, as well as Tamarack Junction up in Reno, Nevada.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Joingo’s next business move will be online gaming. To that end, they’ve created the Joingo Game Network, which will similarly serve their casino clients by offering mobile gaming content and the infrastructure to take the games onto customer’s mobile devices.