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Pornhub Casino Launches Online with Less-Than-Clothed Live Female Dealers

Pornhub online casino

Pornhub, the world’s largest pornographic video-sharing website, is moving into the online casino industry. Mixing two of the world’s favorite pastimes apparently seemed like a win-win concept, and who are we to argue? Pornhub Casino launched earlier this week with live female dealers in various stages of undress.The gaming website offers players and voyeurs the…Read More

Entire Delaware Online Gambling Market Valued at Less Than $2 Million

Delaware online gambling Dover Downs

Delaware online gambling enjoyed a wildly successful 2015, by the standards of any respectable business model blueprint. The state’s three operators soared almost 30 percent over the past 12 months, as Internet casinos brought in $1.8 million in net revenues for the full year, about $522,000 more than in 2014. The market is heading into…Read More

Dollaro Poker and Mob Figure in Massive Italian Online Gambling Bust

Italian gambling ring with DollaroPoker link busted

Italian police have broken up an illegal gambling ring with alleged links to the Mafia and the controversial online poker room Eleven people were arrested on Wednesday and accused of operating an illegal network of some 12,000 online gaming and lottery video terminals in bars, cafes, and gaming halls throughout Italy, some of which…Read More

New Jersey Posts Strong December Online Gaming Earnings, 2016 Outlook Is Bright

New Jersey gambling revenues Morris Bailey

New Jersey online gambling is alive and well, the market bringing in a record $14 million last month, a 31 percent increase year-over-year, closing out the 2015 campaign up 21.2 percent overall. Gambling at land-based casinos, however, had less cheery news:  Atlantic City’s struggling brick-and-mortar casinos posted $177.6 million in gaming proceeds for the last…Read More

Dutch Online Gambling Reforms Get Sudden Tax Migraine

Netherlands online gambling reforms taxes

Holland’s gambling reforms, which aim to modernize the Dutch online and land-based gaming markets, have been slow-moving, to say the least. Drawn up in 2013 to overhaul the country’s 50-year-old existing laws, they were initially expected to be rubber-stamped in late 2014, but the Dutch Remote Gambling Act is still being debated by committee in…Read More

New Lithuanian Gambling Regime Promises “Severe” Crackdown on Unlicensed Market

Lithuania Cracks down on online gambling operators

Lithuania is getting tough on unlicensed online gambling operators. New powers engendered by the country’s recent gambling reforms allow the ministry of finance to take stringent measures against offshore companies offering illegal gambling to Lithuanian citizens. The gambling regulator (GCA) has warned it will take “severe action” against unlicensed websites. From January 1st, all financial…Read More Back to Winning Ways as Takeover Date Approaches bounces back has announced a five percent year-on-year net revenue increase for Q4 2015, the first time the company has reported year-on-year quarterly growth for well over two years. This was achieved despite the introduction of the UK point of consumption tax in 2015 and a new European Union VAT (sales tax) on digital services in…Read More

Pennsylvania Gambling: Playing Politics Strengthens Industry’s 2016 Outlook

Governor Tom Wolf Pennsylvania gambling

Pennsylvania gambling has endured a ride more eventful than a night at the craps table since former Governor Ed Rendell (D) persuaded the state’s legislature to legalize commercial gaming in 2004. Today, the country’s sixth most populated state is home to 11 casinos, six racinos and five stand-along venues. More than a decade ago, Rendell…Read More

The 2015 Online Gambling State-by-State Review: Lots of Talk, Not Much Action

Sheldon Adelson 2015 online gambling

Online gambling earned plenty of floor time in state capitols across the country’s 50 states in 2015. The movement was fueled by a select few who believe legalizing Internet betting could provide substantial revenue increases for state projects while also protecting citizens and adolescents from accessing rogue offshore sites. These legislators then persuaded colleagues to open…Read More

RAWA in 2015: The Long and Winding Road That Led to Confusion and Contention

Sheldon Adelson RAWA 2015

RAWA endured a lengthy 2015 campaign in which the legislation that aims to block all forms of online gambling failed to gain much momentum in Congress, despite several lawmakers advocating on its behalf. Formally known as the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, RAWA was first introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives in March…Read More

Politics and Gambling 2015: Match Made in Heaven or Arranged Marriage?

politics  and gambling 2015 Hillary Clinton 

Politics and gambling are quite similar in theory. Both involve strategizing and calculating, taking odds into account, and deciding how to proceed in the best interest of one’s self. When it comes to politicians addressing the issue of gambling, the topic becomes a bit more complex. Lawmakers understand that casinos bring the possibility of increased…Read More

Five Most Baffling Moments in the Gambling Universe 2015: Part One

Baffling gambling moments 2015 Caesars bankrupcty Ides of March

Baffling moments in gambling, you say? What? As top gambling journalists, it’s not our job to be baffled; it’s our job to cut through the issues with razor-sharp comments and observations. Sometimes, though, you just have to throw your hands in the air and go WTF? With that in mind, here are the top five…Read More

California Online Poker in 2015: A Look at the Golden State’s Politics, Factions, and Marketing

California State Senator Isadore Hall California online poker 2015

The possibility for California online poker in 2015 began with a sense of optimism for regulation in the Golden State. Despite the numerous divisions of the state’s various gambling stakeholders, whose inability to see eye-to-eye had led to an impasse for the previous year’s legislation, the feeling was that this was the year it could all…Read More

Gaming Scandals and Bankruptcies in 2015: Sports and Gambling’s Megastories of the Year

FIFA scandal Sepp Blatter

Ah yes, gaming scandals and bankruptcies. Why must this be a category in gambling news at the end of every year? Because, unfortunately, bankruptcies and scandals are seemingly inevitable in a high-stakes world where fortunes are won and lost in a matter of seconds. 2015 was not immune to scandalous news, including a whopper involving…Read More

Daily Fantasy Sports 2015: Hot, Hotter, and Feeling the Heat All At Once

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman DFS investigation

For most of 2015, Daily fantasy sports (DFS) was on a heater. The DFS industry gained endless publicity for turning average Joes and Monday morning quarterbacks into millionaires, and it grew to become valued in the billions with no signs of slowing down. Founders of the DFS movement, DraftKings and FanDuel, both reported record profits…Read More