Online Bettors Predict Area 51 Alienstock Outcome, as US Navy Confirms ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’

Posted on: September 19, 2019, 08:16h. 

Last updated on: September 23, 2019, 03:00h.

Area 51 is readying for an atypical influx of visitors to the remote military base, as the two-day Alienstock concert kicks off September 20 in nearby Rachel, Nevada.

Area 51 odds Alienstock Nevada
The odds are exponentially long that anyone will see Area 51 up close during this weekend’s Alienstock music festival in Rachel, Nevada. (Image: John Locher/AP)

Alienstock resulted from the original Storm Area 51 Facebook event that called on interested parties to assemble and rush the highly secretive compound in order to “see them aliens.” Matty Roberts, the man who formed the Facebook community – and said he did so only in jest – later teamed with the Little A’Le’Inn motel some 30 miles north of Area 51 to morph the social media movement into a music happening.

Roberts has since disassociated himself with Alienstock, saying the organization was disorganized in a manner akin to the infamous “Fyre Festival.”

Online oddsmakers have been in on the fun throughout, correctly predicting that the Area 51 raid wouldn’t actually occur, President Donald Trump wouldn’t send a warning tweet to those considering participating, and the number of Facebook RSVPs saying they’re going to event being more than two million strong.

Sportsbooks are now taking bets on how many people will attend Alienstock (over/under 10,500), and if Trump will tweet about Area 51 this week (Yes +500, No -1000).

Alien Arrests

The federal government has warned those descending on the desert to stay far away from Area 51 – which is formally known as the Army’s Nevada Test and Training Range. “Any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous,” the Air Force said in a statement.

Signs surrounding Area 51 warn, “It is unlawful to enter this area without permission of the Installation Commander. Use of deadly force is authorized.”

Oddsmakers have an over/under of 8.5 on the number of people who will be arrested this week in Rachel, Nevada. Two have already been put in cuffs.

Two Dutch friends aged 20 and 21 on vacation in Las Vegas made the 80-mile journey north to check out Area 51. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office says the men were arrested some three miles deep into the secured site.

The self-proclaimed YouTubers said they were simply interested in seeing the base. Law enforcement confiscated their cell phones, laptop, cameras, and drone. They were each fined $2,280, and spent three days in jail.

“It was important to us that these men serve jail time and pay a substantial financial penalty,” Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia said. “We take this crime seriously. And people need to understand that we will not put up with this kind of nonsense.”

Navy Confirms UFO (Sort Of)

For Rachel residents who want nothing to do with Alienstock – the town is home to only 54 people – the US Navy’s recent confirmation of declassified military footage purporting to show a UFO as an “unidentifiable aerial phenomena” (UAP) couldn’t come at a worse time.

In the clips, a mystery object moves at hypersonic speeds that defie logical explanation. The Navy had no further comment other than saying it’s a UAP.

The town of Rachel is urging those considering attending Alienstock to instead patronize the planned Area 51 Celebration at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

The Rachel website states, “WARNING: At this time, we have to warn people against coming to Rachel. The organizers are suing each other and in the meantime nothing is being done to prepare for the event.”

“We expect riots when those visitors that may show up and paid good money find out that the reality looks nothing like what they were promised. People will get hurt. STAY AWAY FROM RACHEL THIS WEEKEND!” the town declared.