New X Train Party Route Set for L.A. to Vegas

Posted on: June 28, 2013, 05:30h. 

Last updated on: June 27, 2013, 07:18h.

It’s being billed as for “adults only,” but the Las Vegas Railway Express’ new X Train might not be as trashy as it sounds.  The new train, which the company says will carry partiers back and forth between Fullerton, California (just south of Los Angeles, in northern Orange County) and North Las Vegas (about 10 miles from the heart of the world-famous Strip), was announced at a recent press conference, and declared a “major milestone” for the new passenger rail project.

Finally,  A Train

Talk of train transit between the L.A. area and Sin City has been going on for decades, so if this one really gets built, it will probably be a huge success. That being said, a North Las Vegas drop off – not exactly the tourist epicenter of the city – seems like an odd choice for its Vegas platform. Negotiations on that topic have been ongoing for several years now, and until recently, the more obvious choice of a Downtown drop-off point close to the Plaza Casino looked to be the stopping point; no word on why it was changed to the North Las Vegas location.

The city’s mayor is pleased about it, if no one else.

“News that the X Train has chosen North Las Vegas as the destination for its party train from L.A. to Southern Nevada is thrilling,” said outgoing Mayor Shari Buck of the decision.  “This fast track for tourists is sure to help propel us back to prosperity, creating new jobs, boosting commerce, and giving visitors a chance to see just how great our city is.”

Awaiting Rubber Stamp

City councilmen still need to give the project final approval, though it seems unlikely they would say no; North Las Vegas was hit even harder than the rest of Sin City with economic woes and has had to cut back on major services like police and fire department to cut costs.  Las Vegas Railway Express says they hope to run cars that will depart on Thursdays and Fridays from Fullerton, returning on Sundays, and to have the project up and running before New Year’s Eve this year.

Despite the enticing name, the X Train will offer cocktails, live entertainment and two Vegas-style “ultra lounges” that can presumably be booked for private parties – but nothing more x-rated than that.  The company plans a 1,200-passenger maiden voyage: five hours one way, that will come with all-inclusive travel packages. Presumably Strip and Downtown casinos will send shuttles for pickup to the out-of-the-way station. With bachelor and bachelorette parties alone, it’s hard to imagine this venture won’t be a success.

At least, most likely, any “X” rated activities will not be monitorable by the Nevada Gaming Commission, as no gambling will be going on. Party on, you little devils.