New Offering Can Benefit Customers with Behavioral Online Tracking Service

Posted on: April 10, 2013, 05:06h. 

Last updated on: May 2, 2013, 10:46h.

Iovation, an online transaction security specialist firm, recently announced a new dimension to the security coverage it offers to online gaming operators through its new product, TrustScore. This new service evaluates visitors to a website, and identifies those most likely to be deemed “trustworthy,” even if it’s the first time they have visited the site. Consider it a customer behavioral online tracking service for site operators, if you will.

Rewarding Good Players

TrustScore works by analyzing the visitor’s online activity and giving them a rating based on historical behavior, all without collecting any personally identifiable information. This helps to allow online casino operators to reduce operational expenses, increase their revenues, and build a better experience for those flagged up as trusted customers, catering loyalty schemes around such information. Essentially, it seems a little like an online dress code which enables gaming operators to weed out the riff raff.

The security specialist also claims that online operators can save valuable time and expense through the reduction of manual reviews using the software, which would eliminate delays for valued customers.

“Knowing who’s good can be as valuable as knowing who’s risky for online businesses,” says Scott Olson, vice president of product for Iovation.

Finding VIPs

This also enables businesses and operators to identify which new customers would be eligible for special offers or VIP status. Without the use of TrustScore, it can take months of player experience for online businesses to reach these conclusions, meaning a better customer service is enabled through the software – all the more reason to earn a solid reputation whilst playing your favorite casino games online.

“We are leveraging the eight years of data built on helping customers fight online fraud, and we are applying sophisticated analytics to use that data to determine who’s good,” explained Olson. “Many online retailers review upward of ten percent of online transaction,s of which the vast majority are ultimately approved. Enabling our customers to bypass reviews by recognizing good customers can dramatically impact their operations and the efficiency of their fraud team.”

So far, Iovation has analyzed behavior covering more than nine billion transactions using more than 1.2 billion devices in a bid to combat online fraud. TrustScore uses the data found from these investigations to determine whether or not online activity is likely to be forthright.

 What It Means for You

For those who frequent online casinos, this new technology could mean that you’ll be able to change your favorite site but still benefit from the perks you have gained from becoming a valued customer with your previous site, reaping the benefits of a good online footprint.

Therefore, with such intelligence making its way into the online security world, we could see an improvement in operators’ services towards good customers, assuming all goes to plan, of course. On the other hand, we may need to know more before we can get behind the idea completely, such as what behavior exactly makes a customer likely to be “untrustworthy”?