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Massachusetts Gaming Commission Okays Revere Vote While Caesars Sues

Massachusetts Gambling Commission Revere Sulfolk Downs Caesars

Suffolk Downs may well have their modified casino plan approved by Revere voters – but the state of Massachusetts isn’t taking their word for it. The gambling commission announced this week that they’re willing to allow a Revere-only version of the Suffolk Downs casino plan to go forward, but only if race track/partner Mohegan Sun…Read More

MGM Clears Hurdles in Massachusetts; Gaming Commission Still Must Okay

MGM Resorts Springfield, Massachusetts

Just when you thought no one would ever be good enough for Massachusetts’ insanely fastidious gaming commission, the MGM actually earned their approbation this week. The commission’s investigative arm – which could have its own TV series called “MGC P.I.” – recommended that MGM Resorts be found suitable to move forward with their Springfield casino…Read More

Abbott Proposed Legislation Would Scrap Australian Gambling Reforms

Prime Minister Tony Abbott gambling reform

When Australian legislators eventually agreed on a watered-down version of gambling reforms last year, there were plenty of critics saying that the moves were barely better than doing nothing at all. Now, the new government seems set to test that theory, as they’ve proposed doing away with even the modest changes that the reforms would…Read More

Israel and Nevada Share Many Bonds; Casinos Could Become One More

Israel Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval

With all Israel is dealing with these days politically, you might not expect building casinos to be a high priority, but the Jewish state is apparently giving it some  thought. To that end, Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval – always the hustler for his state’s primary product, casinos – has been in talks with Israeli political…Read More

PartyPoker Grabs Early Edge in New Jersey Online Gambling Market

PartyPoker New Jersey online casinos

Remember the days when you couldn’t go more than ten minutes without seeing a PartyPoker ad on your television? It’s been a long time since PartyPoker ruled the airways – and the USA online poker marketplace – but it appears as though it may be happening again, albeit on a smaller – and now legal…Read More

Suffolk Downs Faces More Massachusetts Gaming Commission Hurdles

Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Is it dead, or is it alive? That’s the question everyone in Massachusetts is asking about the Suffolk Downs casino plan, which is currently in a state of limbo reminiscent of Schrödinger’s cat. And while a recent meeting of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission may have given a few clues as to which way that board is…Read More

Macau Gaming Licenses Still Frozen, But Citizens Get Money for Nothing

Fernando Chui Macau Chief Executive

Want a Macau casino license? Too bad and take it off your holiday wish list; the country’s chief executive has made it very clear that no new ones will be forthcoming anytime soon. Fernando Chui – Macau’s chief executive – told the 2014 Legislative Assembly in his annual presentation that nothing will be changing vis-a-vis…Read More

Pennsylvania Senate Panel Enticed by Online Gambling Revenues

Pennsylvania online gambling

Well, that didn’t take long. Just days after the launch of online gambling in New Jersey, and not long after online gambling began in Delaware and the expansion of land casino gambling in New York, Pennsylvania legislators are beginning to think that this online gambling thing might be right for them after all. New Year’s…Read More

It’s Michigan v. Indians as Supreme Court Hears Landmark Casino Case

Casino war Bay Mill Indians

It’s been a long time since Native American tribes and the Man buried the hatchet, so to speak. But lately, what has long been considered “sovereign immunity” for Native tribes under the United States Constitution has come into question once again, as more and more states that are themselves entering the land gaming markets take…Read More

New Jersey, The Gambling State: Could Be New Moniker

New Jersey iGaming

New Jersey’s first week in the wonderful world of legal and regulated online casinos appears to have gone pretty well. Although unaudited by the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), the unofficial word is that 13 new casino sites – operated under the auspices of Atlantic City’s land casinos with help from their online gaming…Read More

With Casino Profits Sky High, Macau Still Wants to Be More Like Vegas

Macau casino profits

For decades, “Las Vegas” has been synonymous with “gambling mecca” – the sine qua non of the casino industry, the benchmark for how other gaming destinations wanted to mirror themselves. But in just a few years, Macau – the Chinese Special Administrative District that has left every other casino destination in the dust, including Sin…Read More

Mohegan Sun and Suffolk Downs Confirm Partnership

Mohegan Sun Suffolk Downs

When Suffolk Downs dropped Caesars Entertainment from their East Boston casino bid, it created confusion that might have cost them a chance to win approval from their community. Now, they’re hoping a new partnership could help save their casino hopes – though this partner doesn’t have a winning record in Massachusetts, either. Deal Details Finalized…Read More

Already Partnered Online in New Jersey, Steve Wynn Watches and Waits

Steve Wynn online gambling

Steve Wynn – legendary Las Vegas casino developer and gambling industry icon – is taking a time-out when it comes to his views on online gambling. He’s neither strongly for it nor strongly against it, and wants to see how the neophyte legal American Internet gaming venture is going to fare before he forms a…Read More

Fight is On for New York State Casino Licenses

New York State casinos

New York  State has hosted its share of heavyweight prize fights over the years. But the upcoming battle over which developers will get the chance to build casinos in the Empire State could be among the most competitive fights anyone from New York has seen in decades. It’s only been a few weeks since New…Read More

Kentucky Legal Land Gaming Initiatives No Longer Out to Pasture

Kentucky gambling

When it comes to casino expansion, the question on every state’s mind seems to be “everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we?” The next state to take up the question of whether or not to expand their land-based gambling options may well be Kentucky, as a state legislator has now introduced two bills…Read More