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PokerStars vs. Atlantic Club Battle Continues in Court

PokerStars may have suffered a tough loss in court last month, but they’re not giving up on their Atlantic City casino dreams without a fight. The Rational Group, parent company of PokerStars, has chosen to appeal the ruling that allowed the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel to back out of their purchase agreement, while also keeping…Read More

Google Exec Funds Gambling Spree for Brit Musician Ed Sheeran

Google Glass may be on the casino hit list – as some of the biggest venues around the U.S. are beginning to announce a ban on the product – but Google executives are definitely not turned away at Las Vegas casinos. This is especially true if the Google executive is fronting a gambling spree for…Read More

Minnesota Legislature Tours State to Sell E-Gambling Benefits

When the Minnesota Vikings wanted public funding for a new stadium, the state turned to electronic gambling to help the team pay the bills. But while some charities and bars have done quite well using the machines, others have been more resistant to the idea. Tour to Highlight Benefits That’s why the state government, along…Read More

Bacchus Would Fit Right into Las Vegas Nightclub Scene

The 20 and 30-something party crowd who make up most of the Las Vegas tourist nightclub scene are pretty worldly; they may well have already partied in New York, L.A., Paris or Dubai. They are, in a word, blasé; after all, once you’ve drunk the finest champagne from your Louboutins, what’s left to sample of interest…Read More

Ohio Casinos Eye Facial Recognition Technology

A last-minute amendment to the Ohio state budget could bring high-tech facial recognition technology to casinos there, a move that some feel is either hasty or entirely unwarranted. The idea comes from State Senator Bill Coley, and would apply to all four casinos that currently operate in Ohio. Money Laundering Tracking Device? According to Coley,…Read More

Las Vegas Strip Recovery Hampered By Too Many Hotel Rooms

Build it, and they will come, the old saying goes; but when it comes to the Las Vegas Strip, apparently, you can build too much of a good thing. At least that’s what casino industry analysts have to say about what they perceive as an overabundance of rooms on Sin City’s most dazzling corridor. “The…Read More

Spanish Gambling Operator Codere Losing Bets in Latin America

Over the past decade, many major Spanish companies have invested heavily in Latin America, taking advantage of the emerging markets there and the linguistic ties shared with many of the region’s nations. It’s no surprise, then, that this investment strategy has also been tried by Codere, one of the largest gambling operators in Spain. Unfortunately,…Read More

Sugar, Sugar: Oversized Hershey Candy Icons Coming to Las Vegas Strip

It already boasts ersatz replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Egyptian pyramids and the lakes of Bellagio, Italy, not to mention the Brooklyn Bridge and Lady Liberty; why not add to that some iconic candy notables in an 18-foot glory size? That’s the thinking behind Hershey’s new “Chocolate World,” coming to life inside the New York-New…Read More

Dollar for Dollar, Reno Outperforming Vegas

Talk about the red-headed stepchild: Reno has always trailed in Las Vegas’ grander, more opulent shadow, barely able to even raise its head in the presence of all those fancy restaurants, word-class shopping and glitzy high-roller casinos. Until now, anyway. Looks like Reno can suddenly walk a little taller, as along with its surrounding Washoe…Read More

Casino Revenue Freefall Slowing Down in Atlantic City

You know things aren’t great when even a small loss is considered a big win. But that’s the case in Atlantic City, where the city is celebrating the news that casino revenues fell only 3.8 percent in May compared to the same period last year. Lower Losses Atlantic City casinos took in a total of…Read More

Don’t Bet the Zynga Farmville (Yet Anyway)

Traversing the current meteoric, yet volatile, universe that is real money online gaming is not for the faint of heart, as Zynga, the San Francisco-based social media games developer, is finding out the hard way. The company behind popular Facebook free-play games like “Farmville” and “Words with Friends” is discovering that moving into a real-money…Read More

Who’s to Choose Shoes? Foxwoods Waitresses Play Footsies with Contract

When you list the important aspects of running a successful casino, the shoes worn by the waitresses probably won’t come in among the top hundred issues you consider. But at one casino in Connecticut, that’s exactly the issue that’s causing plenty of tension – and not just in the waitresses’ feet. Union Negotiations Address Shoes…Read More

Hello Casinos: New Japanese Political Party Pushes Gambling Agenda Hard

It has to be kind of embarrassing for Japan: once the unquestioned leader in manufacturing throughout the world, the Asian island-country now seems to have fallen way behind its more aggressive brethren across the Asian panoply.  But now an upstart Japanese political party, the Japan Restoration Party (JRP) intends to change all that by getting…Read More

Google Glass Ban Sweeps Casinos Nationwide

They look like something out of an old Arnold Schwarzenegger flick, and in some ways, they would fit into the plot lines of those movies, too; but don’t try to gamble at almost any casino in the U.S. wearing your uber-hip new Google Glass eyewear. It may look swank, but the tiny computer-as-eyewear device’s reception is…Read More

Niklas Heinecker Wins GuangDong Asia Millions Poker Tournament

With the World Series of Poker in full swing, you might expect all of the world’s top players to be converging on the Rio in Las Vegas in an attempt to win as many bracelets as they can. Why then, were John Juanda, Isaac Haxton, Sorel Mizzi, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Gus Hansen and dozens of…Read More