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I’m Not a Lumberjack and I’m Not Really OK; Angry Gambler Strikes Back

Ever seen a lumberjack in a casino? Probably not, since most lumberjacks don’t generally carry their axes around with them on evenings out. But two stories have popped up in the media showing that non-lumberjacks don’t necessarily stick to these rules. Axing For Trouble The first of these two tales of violence occurred in a…Read More

Las Vegas Street Performer Challenges for Right to Entertain

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you’ve probably enjoyed the sights and sounds on the sprawling sidewalks outside the casinos as much as what goes on inside. Elvi in all their various crazy getups, superheros and one-man bands are but a few of the bizarre-to-fabulous entertainers who actually make their living as a kind of…Read More

McGolden Nuggets: Fertitta Takes His Brand National

Tilman Fertitta is like a textbook American success story. Now 56, the suave Texas billionaire has been steadily acquiring an empire of restaurants, aquariums, boardwalks, and, most famously, casinos, and he’s now ready to take his brand to the next level. Maybe there won’t be any Golden Arches, but Golden Nuggets are going to multiply…Read More

Scientists Can Track Problem Gamblers, But Do Casinos Want to Know?

Problem gambling has long been one of the most pressing issues in the gaming world. While the vast majority of gamblers have no problem playing responsibly, the small percentage who do develop compulsive gambling problems can cause significant harm to themselves, their loved ones, and society as a whole. Who Wants to Know? That’s why…Read More

Gibraltar Online Gambling Sites Upset About UK Tax Plan

While it is located just south of Spain, at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, the tiny peninsula of Gibraltar is a holding of the United Kingdom. Traditionally seen as a tourist destination and a shipping port, in recent years, Gibraltar has become one of the world’s centers for online gambling, with its sites being…Read More

Multimedia Games Inc. Becoming Slots Investment Dream

What a difference a few years makes.  Back in 2010, slot machine manufacturer Multimedia Games Inc. was seeking a buyer and couldn’t give themselves away, but now the gaming industry is falling all over themselves looking to invest in the ever-expanding company. A lot of the change can be attributed to the simple reality that…Read More

Baccarat Nosedive and Mixed Slots Play Affect Nevada’s Bottom Line

Turns out all those James Bond movies where baccarat casino games are the playground of the rich have some truth to them; the Las Vegas Strip didn’t have great gaming numbers this June, and it’s being directly attributed to a poor showing in baccarat play. But while the rest of Nevada’s casinos are still trying…Read More

Fung Proposes $3.8 Billion Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort in Cairns

Chinese billionaire Tony Fung is proposing to build a $3.8 billion(US) casino resort in Cairns, a project that could drastically increase the competition in Australia’s casino and tourism market. Massive Undertaking The casino complex, which would be near the Great Barrier Reef, is planned to include an “international class” casino, a 25,000-seat sports arena, and…Read More

CNBC’s Reality Series “Money Talks” to Star Steve Stevens…Who?

While lines and odds are mentioned in sports coverage in the United States rather regularly, the actual practices behind handicapping and high-stakes sports betting have rarely been delved into with any depth. So when CNBC announced they’d be airing a new reality series based around a sports betting consultant, there was some real excitement in…Read More

Caesars Entertainment Halfway Towards Being Linqed In

There’s more than six months to go before it’s completed, but The Linq – the name given to Caesars Entertainment’s ersatz take on a New York City downtown hipster neighborhood – is ready for a preliminary look.  Like a seductive stripper, the project is ready to reveal just enough to tantalize you and get you…Read More

Macau Pawnshops Profit by Funding Gambling Trips for Chinese Tourists

Boasting the highest casino gambling revenues in the world, Macau is awash with glitz and glamour. Now piggybacking on that success like a tobacco monkey are Macau’s pawnshops, which also use the flashing neon lights to spruce up the fact that punters are selling some of their most valuable possessions. Cash-strapped gamblers who have blown…Read More

Genting Plans $937 Million Malaysian Casino Upgrade

Since opening in 1971, Genting Highlands – now known as Resorts World Genting – has been the only legal place to engage in land-based gambling in all of Malaysia. But the massive resort is aging, and the Genting Group thinks it’s about time to give the popular resort a makeover. Resorts World Facelift That’s why…Read More

Daniel Negreanu Disses Tom Dwan; But Is It For Real or For Show?

Top-ranked poker pro Daniel Negreanu is at it again.  The Canadian player has never been known to not speak his mind when it comes to other players behaving badly (having previously referred to Full Tilt pros Howard Lederer and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson as “absolute, flat-out scumbags”); but now it’s legendary online pro Tom “durrrr” Dwan…Read More

Archbishop of Canterbury Says Church Can Invest in Gambling and Porn

The Archbishop of Canterbury was recently left blushing with embarrassment after it was found that the Church of England had bankrolled Wonga, one of those payday loan firms that are known for resulting in more debt than they solve. With their sky-high interest fees and annoyingly catchy advertisement jingles, their M.O. is to lure in…Read More

Fremont Street Experience Bringing Live Muay Thai Fight to Downtown

For many years, downtown Las Vegas was known as the Strip’s red-headed stepchild: mocked and minimized as the poorer, less exciting, less glamorous part of Sin City. But a slow but steady renovation process started about a decade ago, one that includes the addition of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, Zappos headquarters, and…Read More