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The Fall of Macau: What Happened to the Gambling Fireball in 2015?

Xi Jinping China Macau economic turndown 2015

The fortunes of Macau were already tumbling as 2015 began. The downturn actually started back in June 2014, when the gambling hub recorded the first-ever monthly dip in revenues since Stanley Ho’s casino monopoly ended in 2012, a move that had effectively opened the Asian gambling region up to foreign investment. However, no one could…Read More

Five Most Baffling Gambling Moments of 2015, Part Two

Glen Straub Revel purchase baffling moments 2015

Welcome back to Part Two of our run down of 2015’s most baffling happenings, in which we ponder some of the more mystifying occurrences of the year inside and around the gaming universe. Chukchansi Charges In July, former Chukchansi tribal leader Tex McDonald accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to 485 days for false…Read More

Five Most Baffling Moments in the Gambling Universe 2015: Part One

Baffling gambling moments 2015 Caesars bankrupcty Ides of March

Baffling moments in gambling, you say? What? As top gambling journalists, it’s not our job to be baffled; it’s our job to cut through the issues with razor-sharp comments and observations. Sometimes, though, you just have to throw your hands in the air and go WTF? With that in mind, here are the top five…Read More

Gaming Scandals and Bankruptcies in 2015: Sports and Gambling’s Megastories of the Year

FIFA scandal Sepp Blatter

Ah yes, gaming scandals and bankruptcies. Why must this be a category in gambling news at the end of every year? Because, unfortunately, bankruptcies and scandals are seemingly inevitable in a high-stakes world where fortunes are won and lost in a matter of seconds. 2015 was not immune to scandalous news, including a whopper involving…Read More

Gambling Business Winners and Losers in 2015: Who Banked and Who Tanked

Gambling business winners and losers 2015

Gambling business in 2015 seemed to be getting more complicated all the time. Every gaming operation, whether land-based or virtual, appeared to be bogged down in litigation of some kind this year. Whether it was New Jersey’s push to open the sportsbooks, daily fantasy sports’ hopes to be regulated, or even California’s seemingly never-ending journey…Read More

New York State Expands Gambling by Issuing Three Commercial Casino Licenses

New York State commercial gambling licenses

New York is joining its neighbors New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Massachusetts in getting into the commercial gambling business. On Monday, the New York State Gaming Commission unanimously approved three licenses to proposed upstate facilities in Sullivan, Schenectady, and Seneca Counties in order to bring new jobs and revenues to local governments and school districts….Read More

Las Vegas Review-Journal Gets Bought Out as Rumors Swirl That Sheldon Adelson Is the Mystery Buyer

Las Vegas Review-Journal mystery buyer

    Did Sheldon Adelson, whose Las Vegas casino the Venetian is readying for tonight’s final GOP debate, buy the Las Vegas Review-Journal? Many are saying “yes,” but no one but the buyer him or herself knows for sure at this juncture. The $140 million price tag for Nevada’s primary newspaper would be chump change…Read More

Final Republican Debate of the Year in Las Vegas Will See GOP Candidates Go Head-to-Head at Sheldon Adelson’s Casino


Republican presidential candidates have one last chance in 2015 to make their best case to voters as to why they should be the 2016 nominee. There’s a lot at stake: whoever wins the GOP candidacy will likely challenge Democrat Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States. Tonight’s debate, the fifth of…Read More

Wynn Resorts Has Stock Rebound as Steve Wynn Buys a Million Shares

Steve Wynn one million shares Wynn Resorts

Wynn Resorts is having a good week. Steve Wynn’s decision to buy up one million of his own company’s shares appears to have restored market faith in his company, and a previously delayed opening for his latest Macau venture has been once again returned to its original opening date. The company’s stock, which has declined…Read More

Crown Resorts’ Vegas Project a Risky Gamble for Packer

Investors uninterested in Crown's Las Vegas casino

James Packer’s Las Vegas gamble might end up costing him more than he anticipated after investor interest in his Alon project hit a new low. Crown Resort’s Alon project is set to cost $1.9 billion and will bring a new casino and hotel complex to the Vegas strip, but things aren’t going as smoothly as…Read More

Brazil Special Senate Committee Recommends Legalizing Gambling

Brazil gambling legislation President Rousseff

Brazil is once again mulling gambling legalization, lawmakers in the cash-strapped country in the midst of economic devastation scrambling to find ways to fund the government without placing additional tariffs on citizens. The Brazilian Senate Commission for Regional Development and Tourism voted this week in favor of Bill 186 of 2014, legislation that would authorize…Read More

Meyer Lansky Heirs Seek Compensation Claim for Cuban Casino

Lansky Family Seeks Compensation in Cuba

When Meyer Lansky built the Habana Riviera Hotel and Casino in 1957, Havana was swinging. It was, at the time, the largest purpose-built hotel in the world and Ginger Rogers played on the opening night. Lansky complained that while Rogers could “wiggle her ass” she “couldn’t sing a goddam note,” but the legendary Jewish mobster…Read More

FBI Swoops in on Two San Diego Card Rooms, Indicts 25 in Huge Illegal Gambling Ring

San Diego Card Clubs Raided by FBI

The FBI raided two San Diego card rooms on Wednesday, moving in for what the Bureau alleges is the casinos’ role in a massive illegal gambling operation. Palomar Card Club on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego and the Seven Mile Casino on Bay Boulevard in Chula Vista are accused of being the conduit through…Read More

Australia Records Record Gambling Figures, But Does it have a Gambling Problem?

Australia agonizes over “ gambling problem”

Australia’s love of gambling, is often perhaps too quickly dismissed as an endearing part of the national character, and it’s beginning to cause alarm among the country’s politicians and media. Recently Australians were revealed to be the biggest “losers” in the world, in gambling terms; a neat, headline-friendly way of saying simply that they gamble the…Read More

Florida Agrees $3.1 Billion Deal with Seminoles

Florida and Seminoles agree new compact

The Seminole Tribe’s political standoff with Florida governor Rick Scott was finally resolved this week following a deal which will see the Seminoles pay $3.1 billion to the state over seven years in return for the right to offer craps and roulette. It’s believed to be the biggest tribal rev-share agreement in the US, dwarfing…Read More