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US Vice Admiral Giardina Suspended for Possible Illegal Gambling

It’s well known that one of the hazards of problem gambling can be that it has the potential to disrupt the gambler’s work life, potentially even costing them their job. But while job-related consequences related to gambling may not be rare, it is unusual to see someone in a very prominent position deal with them….Read More

11 Years Later, Macau Health and Education Catching Up to Casinos

Over the past decade, Macau has become the undisputed leader in worldwide gambling as far as revenues go. The casino hub brings in six times as much revenue as Las Vegas, and exploded after the former Portuguese colony was opened to foreign casino operators in 2002. The move was a resounding success, as Macau’s economy…Read More

Study Suggests Casino Expansion Responsible for Gamblers’ Low Incomes

There have been countless studies on the effects of gambling on society at large. However, most of these studies have focused on individual issues: how a person might become addicted to slot machines, or how many people commit crimes to cover their gambling debts. Now, a prominent group of scholars has released a report that…Read More

Harry Styles of One Direction Caught Gambling Again in Perth Casino

Even successful young pop stars have to watch their bankrolls when gambling it seems: last year, the members of the uber popular boy band One Direction were warned by their management against gambling in casinos after the group got a little carried away and lost a bundle. In fact, they apparently lost enough money during their…Read More

Non-Gaming Attractions Pull Singapore Tourists into Casinos

There is no doubt that Macau is going from strength to strength as casino revenues continue to grow one financial quarter after another. However, Singapore appears to have latched onto a winning streak, improving its tourist trade by piggybacking on the success of the gambling and casino market in Asia. Luxury Non-Gaming Attractions Lure Visitors…Read More

Tom Dwan Has “Biggest Loss Ever” in Macau High-Stakes Cash Game

No matter how great a player, no matter how experienced or savvy, it is very hard to beat another poker player who just has more money than you will likely ever see in your lifetime. Very rich people typically didn’t get that way by taking no chances or by not having any moxie, and now…Read More

Global Gaming Expo Big Business in Las Vegas

Anyone who’s anyone in the gambling industry could be found in Las Vegas this week; that’s where the Global Gaming Expo has been taking place, a meeting of 25,000 attendees who are all interested in seeing where the worldwide gambling market will be headed over the next year. Easing Up on Regulations Major Focus At the…Read More

Red Tape Could Stall Developer Who Wants to Build Casinos in Vietnam

For some reason, in Asian and Russian countries, they like to zone off their casinos. Everything has to be in a designated “economic zone,” perhaps indicating that most things in these countries are not meant to make a lot of money, at least not if they’re legal. New Casinos on the Runway Vietnam fits this…Read More

Venetian Las Vegas in for a Dry Run as Canals Temporarily Close

Las Vegas: the adult Disneyland, never closed, operating non-stop 24/7/365. That’s the image presented by the glamorous gambling capital, anyway. But the behind-the-scenes reality of this kind of entertainment behemoth is that, at some point, maintenance and repairs need to get done. And just as the iconic Bellagio fountains must occasionally be drained and cleaned,…Read More

Las Vegas Nightclubs Pose Dark Threat to Tourists via Predator Drugs

When Las Vegas set out to reinvent itself around the 1990s, one of the key marketing concepts was to turn the gambling mecca from a destination gaming resort into a destination resort, period. And over the next two decades, Sin City did a remarkable job of doing just that; Vegas is now just as popular…Read More

Floating Casinos Prove the Houseboat Always Wins in Hong Kong

Those that peruse the world of gambling news will undoubtedly often come across headlines announcing record financial figures for Macau, the biggest gaming region in the world. In fact, it’s difficult to read gambling news for more than a few days and not come across such information. However, there is a more convenient, better-priced, and…Read More

As Casino Industry Expands Worldwide, So Does Surveillance Technology

An old adage in the gaming industry is that the house always wins, but these days, they don’t always win without a fight. As the Asian casino market continues to skyrocket – and as new-fangled, nearly imperceptible technology becomes easier for the everyday player to get their hands on – trying to stay ahead of…Read More

Stardust Free-Play Online Site Recaptures Casino’s Colorful History

Nostalgia is everywhere when it comes to casino games; seems players love to revisit old favorite TV shows and movies, so why not an actual historic (and since imploded) casino as well? That’s the thinking behind’s new free-to-play social gaming site featuring the notorious Stardust Casino in Las Vegas, available via Facebook for players…Read More

Phil Ivey Says No Cheating Involved in Massive Punto Banco Win

Is it cheating or just giving yourself a slight edge if know how to do things like count cards at blackjack? It all depends who you ask, it seems, and whose money is involved in the matter. World renowned poker pro Phil Ivey says a £7.8 million ($12, 420,72) win that he never got paid for…Read More

Global Casinos Skyrocketing to $173.5 Billion in Next Five Years

It looks like the economy’s slow but steady recovery worldwide is right in line with the movement of international gaming markets; that’s the word from, an outfit that assesses various industries and their market potential and growth. According to the site, over the next five years, the worldwide gaming industry will continue its upwards…Read More