Isle of Man Loses Its Head

Posted on: March 2, 2013, 02:48h. 

Last updated on: March 2, 2013, 02:50h.

The e-Gaming sector equates to more than eight per cent of the Isle of Man’s national income and employs a workforce of over 700 people, and as one of the key international players in the online gambling world, it is no wonder that the industry is seen as a crucial part of the island’s economy.

So news that the Isle of Man parliament, the Tynwald, has given the go-ahead for the Economic Development Department to begin seeking out a new Head of e-Gaming for the island has probably got the powerhouse businessmen of the online gaming world all flustered with excitement.

“This is an exciting time for a highly talented individual to drive the further success of iGaming and to attract new inward investment,” explained chief executive officer for the Economic Development Department, Chris Corlett.

The position, which is sure to be sought after, will involve promoting and maintaining the online gaming industry on the Isle of Man and will be offered on a two-year fixed-term basis.

“The Isle of Man is seen worldwide as a centre of excellence for e-Gaming,” added Corlett. “The Department has worked closely with the private sector to develop a revised strategy for iGaming that capitalises on the great potential for further growth in our economy, jobs and government income.”

The CEO went on to explain that the new head of e-Gaming, once appointed, will lead the implementation of the laid-out strategy and will benefit from all of the perks that come with a very high-profile role in the industry, both on and off the island.

Adding to the heat under the collar of those watching the post is the fact that the Tynwald has approved the Economic Development Department to look outside of the civil service in the hunt for the ideal candidate to fill the roll, opening up the position to the world of opportunistic contenders. Typically, this role would be available only to those in the civil service.

That all important word, remuneration, has also been mentioned as the advertisement for the position states that salary will be negotiable and dependent upon skills and experience.

With applications for the position ending Monday March 11th, the fingers of anyone suitable for the role are bound to be hammering away at keyboards as they frantically update their resumes and formulate their own strategies for wedging a foot firmly in the door to this lucrative and ever-growing industry.