Irish Gambling Site Paddy Power Looking to Hire Trump Expert

Posted on: March 21, 2017, 04:00h. 

Last updated on: March 21, 2017, 01:51h.

Think you know President Donald Trump? Then Paddy Power, an Irish gambling website, has a job for you.

Donald Trump bets
The flippant Irish online gambling website, Paddy Power, has posted a job opening for a Trump Betting Expert that will manage prop bets on the President. (Image:

The website, known for its outlandish betting propositions and marketing stunts, posted a job looking for “Head of Trump Betting” and is offering a three-month contract.

The irreverent company merged last year with Betfair, but has not succumbed to political correctness despite the more corporate atmosphere.

That was evident on the advertisement. The company’s edge is still razor sharp, and according to a spokesman this is a serious employment opportunity if they find the right person.

“Consistency in keeping up with Trump’s press conferences, statements, tweets and general idiocy,” the post stated. “It requires a hardy soul to be able to watch more than ten minutes of the President in action without wanting to punch oneself in the face.”

Serious Bets on President

The site got clobbered during the election when they made the one time reality television star and former owner of the failed Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City a heavy underdog to win the presidency, reporting losses of more than $6.2 million.

Bettors soon started requesting prop bets on the president and a couple were put up on the website. It soon became so popular that in February the site launched a special section devoted to several propositions.

“Our huge collection of Trump bets total more than 100 specials,” an unidentified spokesman said. “Let’s face it, no matter how wacky some of them might seem, his first few weeks in charge have proven that anything is possible when it’s his stubby finger hovering over the red button.”

Some of the bets include a 100-1 line on if he will get on Mt. Rushmore, what he will ban in the US (with the theory of evolution at 50-1), which member of his cabinet will resign or get fired and that at 20-1 he will announce that alien life forms exist.

Qualifications for Employment

Interlaced in the snarky comments are real qualifications needed, including writing ability and extensive betting knowledge. But the factitiousness makes it so entertaining.

“With more than 100 special bets online, the successful candidate will monitor and manage existing Trump markets while devising new specials to launch,” the company said. “They will also need to build a wall around the hub to ensure foreign bets don’t get in.”

The ad continued, “Being able to harness high volumes of data using real-time trading applications in a high-pressure environment when timing will always be of the essence. Or, failing that, an ability to make something up on the spot and stand by it resolutely, shouting down anyone that disagrees.”

Job seekers will also need “Awareness of national security situation in Sweden is beneficial and a better understanding of global politics than Donald Trump. Which won’t exclude many.”