Homes Wins For Canadian 2013 Fallsview Poker Classic

Posted on: January 23, 2013, 10:42h. 

Last updated on: January 23, 2013, 10:42h.

Wednesday January 16th saw the commencement of the 2013 Fallsview Poker Classic in the lavish Fallsview Casino in Ontario, Canada.

With prize pools rivalling some of the biggest tournaments in the world, and certainly worth competing for, the event attracted some real talent to the tables, predominantly from in and around Canada.

The first event was the $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em event which ran until Friday January 18th and attracted 600 players. With the expected sell out of the starting player field, the double Day 1’s created a prize pool which reached $541,260 after the buy-ins were collected.

Carol Hewitt Misener from Canada walked away with the title of the 2013 Fallsview Poker Classic $1,000 Main Event Winner and pocketed $151,548 for the effort, while runner-up Theodore Doukas, also from Canada, walked away with $75,776 for second place.

Friday January 18th saw the commencement of Day 1 for the 2013 Fallsview Poker Classic $2,500 event, which saw a total of 453 entrants, all vying for a lion share of the impressive $1,032,614 prize pool. Every player was hard focused on the possibility of walking away celebrating a large payday as the tournament progressed to a 50 player payout.

Running on to Saturday January 19th, the event was fraught with intense play from the skilled and experienced players who made it through to the final 50.

Third place went to Ankush Mandavia from the USA, who walked away with a pleasing payout of $73,316, while second place went to Canadian Domenic Triumbari who pocketed $150,762 before departing from the event.

However, it was Joe Ardagna, also from Canada, who walked away with the lion share of the prize pool with a staggering $300,499; almost double that of the closest contender.

Even those included in the first ten eliminations from the final table of the event walked away with a respectable $4,130, while the next ten were awarded $5,163. Those eliminated between 21st and 30th place pocketed $7,228, then $10,326 was awarded to the next five eliminations, and $13,424 was the prize for those between 11th and 15th place.

The remaining places were awarded increasingly varied amounts dependent on how far they reached, all of which were above $15,000.

Next up for the 2013 Fallsview Poker Classic was the $5,000 event, which saw a total of 150 players competing for the first prize from a $698,400 prize pool.

Taking home an impressive $200,441 was Canadian Nicholas Petrina who fought off Osman Soubra for the first place title. As runner-up, Soubra walked away with a pocket filled with $118,728, while third place once again went to an American, this time under the name of Matthew Parry who left the tournament with a respectable payday reaching $83,110.

Prize money was then awarded to those finishing in the top 15 places at the table, the lowest of which was $13,968.