Crown Casino Scam Takes $32 Million

Posted on: March 19, 2013, 05:31h. 

Last updated on: March 19, 2013, 10:18h.

Events at the Crown Casino in Melbourne have led to the famous casino being cheated out of $32 million, the most anyone has ever managed to cheat from the casino since its establishment 19 years ago.

Little is known about the number involved in the cheat so far, but reports say that a high roller and one or more accomplices managed to hack their way into the Crown Casino’s video surveillance system.

Rumours suggest that the high-rolling gambler was fed information from those who had tapped into the surveillance system, which he used to cheat the system for an inside knowledge of how to bet via a wireless transmission sent directly to him at the table informing him which cards to play.

Very little has been said about the man responsible, apart from the fact that members of the staff at the Crown Casino said that the foreign player was polite and personable, giving no reason to suspect the man of foul play.

It has been reported that the cheating was exposed over “eight hands of cards played in a short space of time”. However, it is yet to come to light whether the full $32 million was won during these eight hands or whether it was simply these particular eight hands which drew the scheme into the light of the surveillance team. Perhaps the cheaters simply got too greedy during these hands?

The Crown Casino is yet to shed much light on the events, but has said that the surveillance department at the venue “recently reported concerns over a sophisticated betting scam”. They added that the investigation, with the help of the local authorities and the Victorian gaming regulators, is ongoing, yet police state that the casino is yet to make a formal complaint.

So far, a member of the Crown Casino staff who liaisoned with VIP gamblers and high rollers has been removed from the staff, and a VIP gambler from overseas was hastily evicted from his comped room at the Crown Towers.

A spokesperson also stated that the Crown Casino is in the position where it believes a significant portion of the $32 million will be recovered following the sophisticated scam.