Brazilian Becomes UK Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh Champion

Posted on: January 24, 2013, 07:43h. 

Last updated on: January 24, 2013, 09:46h.

The Title of the 2013 UK Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh Champion went to Brazilian-born Nicolau Villa-Lobos who walked away with the title and the lion share of the prize-pool, pocketing £101,000 for first place.

Starting the final table with the lowest chip stack at 313,000 chips, Villa-Lobos was in fact odds on favourite to finish in eighth place. However, the skilled Brazilian fended off the competition to bring home the coveted titled from the Scottish capital after doubling his chip count within the first ten minutes of the final table commencing play.

Chris Derrick was the man who doubled Villa-Lobos’ chip stack after pushing in 285,000 chips, only to be beaten by the Brazilian’s pocket fours which had turned into quads by the river.

Shortly afterwards, Christian Bergstrom was eliminated during a three-way call with Vladislav Donchev and Villa-Lobos. The high chip stack involved in the call threw Villa-Lobos up to 1,600,000 chips, giving him the confidence he needed to set his sights on the UK Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh title after starting so low on the board.

Seventh place later went to Guido Braye after being knocked out by the hometown player, David Vamplew. This elimination shot Vamplew into the position of chip leader as he impressed his home support and raised hopes of becoming the hometown hero.

Vamplew then continued to push forward, causing Leeds ’ online pro Jamie Sykes to go to the rail. Sykes was sent home with the sixth place prize money of £17,000 after the river revealed an ace which gave Vamplew the two aces he needed to beat Sykes’ pocket kings.

Fifth place went to Chris Derrick who departed from the tournament after being beaten to the pot by Villa-Lobos’ straight, leaving Derrick with £21,150.

Two hours then went by before the next elimination which disappointed the crowds as it was the hometown player Vamplew who took home the fourth place prize of £27,350 after being struck out by the increasing confidence of Villa-Lobos, who was then sitting on around 6,000,000 chips.

Przemyslaw Daje, who started the final table as the chip leader, was the next to depart from the tournament as the Polish player was sent away with £37,400 after being defeated once again by Villa-Lobos, leaving the Brazilian to battle head-to-head against Vladislav Donchev for the title.

There was a considerable difference between the two finalists’ chip stacks as Villa-Lobos confidently sat on 7,910,000 chips to Donchev’s 1,230,000. The heads-up was short and eventful game as Villa-Lobos’ form didn’t disappoint and he won the title of United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh champion with an ace on the river, leaving Donchev as the runner-up with £61,000 in prize money.

With the excitement so far, eyes are firmly fixed on the remainder of the UKIPT as the tour continues its way to the finale in London.