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Samantha Beckett

Samantha Beckett

Samantha Beckett has a passion for all things techy, as well as a love for gambling. So when online casinos popped up, she was there from the start. She can normally be found testing an online casino's software, looking at the latest game innovations, or tracking down the latest gambling gadget, making Samantha a valuable member of the editorial team.

Slot Machines as Creative Design Find New Respect as Objets D’art

In every age of man, new forms of art emerge, whether cave drawings back in the Neolithic Age or painting in gold leaf on parchment during the Middle Ages. Now you can add Las Vegas slot machines to the list of “art” that is particularly derived from an age, a place and a circumstance, all…Read More

Silk Road Founder Arrested While Bitcoins Plummet

It’s been quite a week for Bitcoins in the news; a triple whammy, actually. First, there was the arrest by the FBI of Silk Road’s founder – known online only by his handle “Dread Pirate Roberts”, but apparently known to the feds a little more intimately as Ross William Ulbricht- and the seizure and shut down of…Read More

Wynn Macau Casino Sues Chinese Gambler For $1.81 Million Debt

The Wynn Macau – owned by legendary Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn – is looking to collect a debt of HK$14 million (US$1.81 million) from a Chinese tycoon by suing him, making it the largest case yet for Macau casinos attempting to recover debts in a court of law. According to a writ filed…Read More

Oceans 16 Powerball Winner Wants His Life Back After Just a Month

Talking about what we would do and what our lives would be like if we won the jackpot on a huge Powerball is always a fun conversation, but the reality is not quite like the fantasy, according to ‘Wild’ Willie Seeley, one of sixteen Ocean County, New Jersey garage workers who won $450 million in…Read More

Study Suggests Casino Expansion Responsible for Gamblers’ Low Incomes

There have been countless studies on the effects of gambling on society at large. However, most of these studies have focused on individual issues: how a person might become addicted to slot machines, or how many people commit crimes to cover their gambling debts. Now, a prominent group of scholars has released a report that…Read More

Harry Styles of One Direction Caught Gambling Again in Perth Casino

Even successful young pop stars have to watch their bankrolls when gambling it seems: last year, the members of the uber popular boy band One Direction were warned by their management against gambling in casinos after the group got a little carried away and lost a bundle. In fact, they apparently lost enough money during their…Read More

Genetics, Gambling and Sports Prowess Connection Possible, Experts Say

There are clearly a number of different factors that go into whether a player or team might be susceptible to match-fixing. Certainly, players in competitions where there is less attention and less money on the line have less to lose by fixing a game or two. And in jurisdictions where regulation is lax, it’s less…Read More

TSA Employees Caught Gambling at Pittsburgh Airport Get a Time Out

Ever felt like you’d rather eat tins of SPAM from a bucket than have another TSA employee eye your 10 oz. of sunscreen like it was an AK-47? Ever wanted to take a shower after standing with your hands above your head in those puff-blowing machines, imagining you’re Karen Silkwood leaving work from the nuclear…Read More

Electronic Gaming Funding a Failure for New Minnesota Vikings Stadium

When the Minnesota Vikings decided that they needed a new stadium, they wanted to take advantage of public financing if it was available. The state of Minnesota obliged, but decided that rather than take the money from the general fund or create a special tax to raise the money, they would bring electronic gambling machines…Read More

New Jersey Sports Betting Law Defeated Again in Appeals Court Ruling

New Jersey has lost again in its bid to become the first state to introduce legalized sports betting since the federal government cracked down on the practice over 20 years ago. A federal appeals court said that the state law New Jersey has been attempting to put into practice is trumped by a federal law…Read More

Full Tilt Poker Claims Process Begins

Just a month after the Garden City Group posted an update letting Americans with outstanding account balances at Full Tilt Poker (FTP) know that the remission process would be starting soon, another official update has been issued stating that those who had filed as potential victims in the case would be receiving emails telling them…Read More

Gambling Industry Criticizes First Draft of Florida Pari-Mutuel Rules

In an attempt to reform the state’s gambling industry, Florida is working on several fronts towards clarifying and changing many of the rules that govern betting in the Sunshine State. One area of attention is on pari-mutuel wagering: the betting that goes on at the state’s race tracks and jai-alai frontons throughout the state. But…Read More

Well-Known Vietnamese Singer Kim Tu Long Gamble Wrong Time

Bizarre as it may seem to us in the West, proceedings have been initiated against well-known Vietnamese Cai Luong (folk opera) singer Kim Tu Long, after the entertainer was found gambling by police in Tra On District in the Mekong Delta, Vinh Long Province. Just plain ol’ playing cards and dice – and what would…Read More

Florida Gambling Laws Going Under the Knife

Gambling is big business in Florida, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. But in a state with many competing interests and a complex legal framework for gaming, there are plenty of disagreements about just how gambling should work in the Sunshine State. That’s why Florida is likely to revisit their gambling laws before…Read More

Vegas Newsletter Warns Readers of Possible Caesars Bankruptcy

It’s no secret that Caesars Entertainment has had some financial problems in recent years. Now, a newsletter publisher who writes for Las Vegas visitors is recommending that gamblers and tourists not stay at hotels or play in casinos owned by Caesars, saying that he believes a bankruptcy filing could be possible in the near future….Read More