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Samantha Beckett

Samantha Beckett

Samantha Beckett has a passion for all things techy, as well as a love for gambling. So when online casinos popped up, she was there from the start. She can normally be found testing an online casino's software, looking at the latest game innovations, or tracking down the latest gambling gadget, making Samantha a valuable member of the editorial team.

Vegas Newsletter Warns Readers of Possible Caesars Bankruptcy

It’s no secret that Caesars Entertainment has had some financial problems in recent years. Now, a newsletter publisher who writes for Las Vegas visitors is recommending that gamblers and tourists not stay at hotels or play in casinos owned by Caesars, saying that he believes a bankruptcy filing could be possible in the near future….Read More

Russian Casino Chimp Mascot Successfully Rehabilitated at Safari Park

While animal cruelty is still, sadly, all around us, we don’t expect to find it in a casino. And yet, here is the story of John, a former mascot at Space – one of Russia’s leading casinos- who was forced to become a nicotine and alcohol-addicted chimp for customers’ “entertainment”. But it’s not all bad news for…Read More

Senator McCain Seen Playing iPhone Poker During Syria Senate Hearings

Who among us hasn’t sat bored during a company meeting, stealthily gaming on a mobile app under the board room table and hoping no one notices we’re not paying the slightest attention to anything any of the suits are saying? Exactly. So would we expect our politicians – not famous of late for keeping their…Read More

Fox Sports 1 TV Channel to Include Handicapping Hints for Viewers

The horse racing industry may have seen better days, but its biggest days are still huge events in the United States. The Kentucky Derby and the other Triple Crown races attract both massive crowds and huge television audiences, turning them into national events. Other major race days like the Breeders Cup are also subject to…Read More

Brit Soccer Union CEO GordonTaylor May Have to Eat His Words, and Hat

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the head of one of British soccer’s biggest player unions could be fighting for his job over the fact that he has built up large gambling debts from betting on soccer matches. The paper reports that Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, has lost…Read More

Massive Southern Dog Fighting Ring Bust Reveals Drugs and Stolen Pets

It’s been six years since football player Michael Vick rocked the country and the NFL with the discovery that he ran an interstate dog fighting ring, and had personally tortured over 70 dogs – mostly pit bulls – for not performing up to his expectations. Indicted on federal and state charges for the five-year, Virginia-based…Read More

Arkansas Gambling Arcade Bust Yields $500K

A total of 15 locations were busted throughout Arkansas last week as the result of a three-month undercover operation. Most of the venues were located in Pine Bluff, though locations in Hot Springs and Little Rock were also involved in the raid. Sweepstakes Parlors Masquerade as Arcades The bust was related to venues that were…Read More

Atlantic City Can’t Get No Respect, Based on 2nd Quarter Earnings

Once upon a time, in a seaside town in New Jersey, someone decided that turning it into the Las Vegas of the East would be a good idea. Whoever that person was, probably didn’t have very good instincts; Atlantic City has had nothing but trials since setting up gambling  some 37 years ago. And the…Read More

Oregon Problem Gambling Ads Budget Sliced by Courts

There is often the perception that states and companies that offer gambling services aren’t really interested in preventing problem gambling. Sure, they’ll pay it lip service, but when push comes to shove, they’ll do as little as possible to actually stop people from spending money on lotteries or at the casino. That’s part of the…Read More

Pittsburgh Rivers Casino Accused of Racist Policies

The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh is not the kind of casino that usually makes headlines. But one local politician is concerned that the casino has recently put policies into place that show an ugly pattern – one that might, in fact, be discriminatory towards black patrons. Earlier this month, an Allegheny County councilwoman named Amanda…Read More

Plano Police Bust International North Texas-based Sports Betting Ring

In 2001, the Plano Police Department received a note that alerted them to “a significant gambling operation.” Twelve years later, that note turned into one of the largest bookmaking busts in American history. $5 Billion International Gambling Ring The Plano Police Department announced this week that a total of 18 men have been arrested in…Read More

Lottery Gameshow Pair Say They Were Denied £22,000 BBC Prize

Two contestants of the BBC’s National Lottery game show are fuming after being denied a £22,000 prize ($34,063), and have blown the whistle on the broadcasters for trying to dupe viewers with a re-filming of the show. Friends Helen Griffiths and Rina Evans, who took part in a game show called “Break the Safe” which…Read More

Two $1 Million Prizes Awarded from Ohio Casino Customer Name Mixup

When the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati held a $1 million drawing for customers on a Saturday night, the house was packed. The drawing was televised and plenty of local media were on hand to catch a glimpse of the winner. The announcer drew the winning name and said: “Our next millionaire from Cincinnati is: Kevin…Read More

Roadblocks to Vietnam Gambling Developments Have Critics Skeptical

It’s no secret that Asia is considered the biggest growth market in the casino industry. Macau is, of course, the biggest gambling hub in the world, while Singapore and the Philippines have become prized destinations for gambling developers as well. Even Russia has become determined to place casinos on its Asian borders in order to…Read More

Maine’s Problem Gambling Remains Problematic

By most accounts, the expansion of gambling in the state of Maine over the last three years has been a success. There is now a second full casino in Oxford, while the state’s first casino – Hollywood Casino – has been allowed to expand to offer table games along with slots. And all this has…Read More