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Michael Kaplan

Taking a Gamble in 2017: With Skin in the Game, How I Bet, Won Big, and Lost a Little This Year

Tom Brady Super Bowl 2017

When people hear that I write about gambling, they usually assume that I hit the tables with gusto. The truth, though, is that I’ve spent enough time around sharp players, casino bosses, and game-designers to know better. Take it from me: randomly splashing money on the felt is a mug’s game. Unless pressed to play…Read More

Op-Ed: Why I Hope New Jersey Gets Its Own Legal Sports Betting in 2018

Chris Christie New Jersey sports betting SCOTUS decision

I won’t lie: I’ve made some underground sports bets in my life. I’ve also smoked pot, bought concert tickets from scalpers, and hung out at bars where I threw back cocktails hours after legal drink service officially wrapped up. (Okay, maybe that last one was most of my 20s, come to think of it). Personally,…Read More