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Kevin Horridge

Kevin Horridge

Our math man, Kevin is the number guru. He calculates odds in his head the same way the rest of us make a cup of coffee. He gets involved in all the news stories involving numbers, and we often turn to him for help on financial news stories as he used to be in banking. However, he says that being a gambler is a far more respectable occupation these days.

Stations Casinos Jumping into the Mobile Sports Betting Fray

The delicate dance between land casinos and online wagering continues to unfold, as Nevada’s first legal and regulated online poker site provider, Stations Casinos, is now launching a sports betting application for mobile device users.  Named Sports Connection Mobile, the app means that gamblers can now bet on their favorite sports from the ease and…Read More

2UP Gaming Looking to Enter New Jersey Online Casino Market

Earlier this year, PokerStars tried and failed to purchase a casino in Atlantic City that would better position them to enter the American market. Now, another online gambling company is looking to do the same thing, either by buying a casino or building one of their own. 2UP Gaming, an investment firm and online gambling…Read More

Borgata Babes Can Be Kept to Weight Limits, Judge Says

Since opening in 2003, the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City has marketed itself as an upscale, Vegas-style resort attraction. As a part of that image, the casino selected their “Borgata Babes” – the cocktail waitresses who would serve the largely male clientele while wearing skimpy dresses and high heels – with an eye for…Read More

UK Debt Collector Makes Bad Casino Bets Using Collected Funds

A Coventry, UK debt collector decided it was a good idea to gamble away a £6,000 (over $9,000) contract which he had recovered from a debtor on behalf of his employer, in order to recoup his own £30 ($46) petrol bill. Not Licensed to Steal Unfortunately for him, this was not a good idea after…Read More

Ohio Gambling Addiction Hotline Getting Called for Wrong Reasons

When the state of Ohio set up a problem gambling hotline, it was intended to help individuals who recognized they (or someone they knew) might have an issue with compulsive gambling. Unfortunately for the state, it seems as though a lot of callers have had another use for the hotline when they call in. More…Read More

Bronx Assemblywoman Arroyo Questioned About “Gambling” Winnings

Normally, hearing that someone has won big at a casino is a cause for joy, or perhaps a little bit of jealousy. In the New York State Assembly, though, it has become a source of suspicion over where one assemblywoman’s pay day might really have come from. Winnings from Where? The New York Daily News…Read More

South Korean Soldiers Gambling Online Sees Sharp Increase

It may seem like somewhat of a stereotype to insist that those from Asia like to gamble, but recent statistics released indicate that this is one stereotype that rings true, especially when looking at soldiers from the South Korean army. Huge Online Gambling Spike A report by the Korean Yonhap news agency explained that 230…Read More

Pregnant Woman Misses Out on Share of £28 Million Jackpot

A British woman in a Merseyside office lottery syndicate has missed out on her share of a £28 million (more than $42 million) Euromillions win after taking the day off sick and is now seeking court action to get her hands on what she believes is her share of the winnings. Morning Sickness Kept Her…Read More

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Ire for Spain’s EuroVegas Project

Sheldon Adelson, CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation and a top player in the worldwide gambling industry, is about to find out exactly how much power he wields; he’s currently locked in a heated battle with the government of Spain regarding their strict anti-smoking laws. Word is that Adelson says unless that ban is lifted…Read More

Macau’s Cotai Strip Focus of Most American Casino Development Dollars

While Las Vegas casinos continue to grow their non-gaming revenue-producing options, it’s now Macau’s lucrative Cotai Strip that will be the focus of actual major casino resort development for the next few years. Money Pouring Into Macau’s Cotai Whereas the Las Vegas Strip will see approximately $1.6 billion on four new projects, Macau’s Cotai will…Read More

Galaxy Gaming Nixed for California Casino Licensing

The four-member California Gambling Control Commission has voted unanimously to uphold a previous ruling that said Galaxy Gaming California LLC is unfit to do business with the state of California.  The California company is a subsidiary of its Las Vegas-based parent, Galaxy Gaming Inc. Even more scathing, the Commission specifically stated that Galaxy CEO Robert…Read More

Yet Another Federal Online Poker Bill Tries to Pass Muster

A Texas legislator who is a longtime proponent of online poker has introduced federal legislation that would allow individual states and Indian tribes to set up their own Internet pacts, while maintaining some national standards of protection against underage gambling online. Wants Federal Mandate Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) is the sponsor of the bill, known…Read More

Former £10 Million Lotto Winner Now Working for £6 An Hour

As Britain’s most notorious jackpot lottery winner, Michael Carroll earned the title “King of Chavs”, which is basically the British equivalent of being king of the rednecks, after pocketing just shy of £10 million (almost $15 million) on the UK’s National Lottery. Bad Fortune Carroll famously won the fortune in 2002 at the age of…Read More

Is Macau Mirroring Las Vegas’ Shady Past? Some Experts Think So

Back when Bugsy Seigel and the Mob ran Vegas, an unpaid gambling debt could easily find you in an alley getting your kneecaps whacked, and payola was as accepted a part of the business as cash counts and hookers. Then between Howard Hughes in the 1960s and intense FBI scrutiny of casino practices in the…Read More

To Russia With Love for Macau Casino Magnate Lawrence Ho

Macau casino mogul Lawrence Ho appears likely to be the first major gaming operator to move into the Russian market, as his company has signed an agreement to open a casino there. The move signals Russia’s intention to become a major player in the lucrative Asian casino market. In the Zone Ho’s casino-resort would be…Read More