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Kevin Horridge

Kevin Horridge

Our math man, Kevin is the number guru. He calculates odds in his head the same way the rest of us make a cup of coffee. He gets involved in all the news stories involving numbers, and we often turn to him for help on financial news stories as he used to be in banking. However, he says that being a gambler is a far more respectable occupation these days.

Illegal Vietnamese Gambling Den Leads to Hidden Man’s Death

There are plenty of bizarre stories related to individuals attempting to cheat casinos and other gambling venues, and even quite a few that have tragic endings. But few can rival the story of a young man from Vietnam who died recently while trying to help gamblers cheat at an illegal gambling den. The story began…Read More

Toronto Area Casino Opportunities Dwindling As More Doors Slam Shut

O Toronto, Canada! You do not seem to cotton too much to the idea of a casino, do you? Toronto and outlying areas have been earmarked and several developers have expressed interest in the area for creating a resort casino, but it seems that planners are running out of locations that might be willing to…Read More

Globalport CEO Michael Romero Planning New Philippines Casino Project

Reclaiming “lost” land is very much the vogue for casinos these days; Steve Wynn wants to turn a former old industrial site on the Mystic River outside of Boston into the new Wynn Everett, and on the other side of the globe, a port development outfit headquartered in the Philippines wants to spend close to…Read More

New York Gambling Ring Allegedly Behind Ohio Roulette Scam

A group of gamblers from the New York City area has allegedly been running roulette scams at four Ohio casinos over the last year, but it appears that their run is at an end. At least 13 individuals have been arrested as part of the scheme, and many more arrests could be coming in the…Read More

Adelson Funded iGaming Study Comes Out Swinging, To No One’s Surprise

The thing about studies is, you can generally get them to support just about any viewpoint on just about anything, depending on who’s involved and how you interpret the data. And when it’s mega-billionaire Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson  funding the findings, you can be sure the studies will go any which way you…Read More

Hengqin To Vie for Chinese Tourism with New Chimelong Amusement Park

While the Chinese government is in no rush to legalize gambling in the country outside of Macau (the most lucrative gambling destination in the world), that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in the currency burning a hole in the pockets of Macau’s tourists. Leisure Hub with Amusement Park In order to get their hands on…Read More

California Here We Come: Is 2014 the Year for Online Gambling Passage?

California and Japan have been in a seeming race for awhile for who could take the longest to pass gambling legislation; Japan’s for land casinos, and the Golden State for its endless foot-dragging when it comes to Internet gaming legislation passage. Between Indian tribes, mammoth poker rooms, and, well, just the fact that it’s California,…Read More

Caesars Entertainment Rearranges Deck Furniture for Debt Restructuring

Can this amount of Titanic debt be salvaged from dragging the ship to the bottom of the financial ocean? That’s the question being asked as Caesars Entertainment Corp. put Planet Hollywood – one of their kingpin Las Vegas Strip properties – into a new holding company, along with the Interactive Division and the still-being-built Horseshoe…Read More

Wynn Eyes Philadelphia for Next Casino Resort Project

The casino legend who started out back East – with the original property that has now become the much-sought-after Atlantic Club in New Jersey’s gaming mecca – seems to be putting a lot of energy into reclaiming his stakes in  that part of the world. While gaming mogul Steve Wynn waits to see which way…Read More

Casinos Ready to Add Nostalgia-Based Skill Games to Their Rosters

When it comes to the games they offer, casinos are usually careful to limit just how much players can affect the games through their own skill. Sure, blackjack and video poker offer players the chance to make skillful decisions, but even perfect play still leaves the casino with a small advantage (and if you overcome…Read More

THEhotel Renovation Delays Point to Improving Las Vegas Economy

Usually, a hotel renovation put on hold in Las Vegas is a sign of something gone awry: a collapsed economy, dissipated funding, or some other amalgam of construction snafus. But just this once, Mandalay Bay’s halt of the rebranding and major renovation of its ancillary property, THEhotel, is a good sign; it’s because business is…Read More

$40 Million Man Archie Karas Charged with Casino Cheating

One of the world’s most famous gamblers has been charged with cheating and defrauding a casino; Archie Karas, now 62, who was said to have built up $40 million in winnings over three years in the mid 1990s from an original $50 stake decades ago only to lose it all back, was allegedly caught marking…Read More

11 Years Later, Macau Health and Education Catching Up to Casinos

Over the past decade, Macau has become the undisputed leader in worldwide gambling as far as revenues go. The casino hub brings in six times as much revenue as Las Vegas, and exploded after the former Portuguese colony was opened to foreign casino operators in 2002. The move was a resounding success, as Macau’s economy…Read More

U.S. Makes Up 10% of Global Online Gambling Market, New Study Says

Gamblers in the U.S. shelled out a combined $2.6 billion playing online in 2012, according to an American Gaming Association-sanctioned (AGA) study that’s been compiled as the industry gets ready to push Congress to regulate online betting in the U.S.  According to statistics, the U.S. is a significant contributor towards the international gaming industry and AGA says…Read More

Indian Premier League Match Fixing Scandal Is Latest Sports Shakeup

India has had more than its fair share of controversy when it comes to match fixing and other gambling scandals, particularly in the national pastime of cricket. So the last thing that most cricket fans wanted to hear about was yet another problem with betting in the Indian Premier League – but that’s exactly what…Read More