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Our math man, Kevin is the number guru. He calculates odds in his head the same way the rest of us make a cup of coffee. He gets involved in all the news stories involving numbers, and we often turn to him for help on financial news stories as he used to be in banking. However, he says that being a gambler is a far more respectable occupation these days.

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ChainXChange conference

ChainXChange Las Vegas Sees Future of Cryptocurrencies Subject of Heated Debate by Advocates and Skeptics

Whether you think Bitcoin is the future of payment processing or you believe that cryptocurrencies are a flash in the pan that will never gain wide acceptance in the real world, you were likely to hear something that you agreed with at...

Kevin Horridge August 18, 2018
LeBron James of Poker

West Village Illegal Poker Room Promoter Geeta Singh Arraigned in Manhattan, Prosecutors Deride Self-Comparison to LeBron James

Overhear someone talking about “the LeBron James of Poker,” and you might assume people are talking about Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, or Justin Bonomo. But rather than one of those famous high rollers, it was the ringleader of a relatively small-time New...

Kevin Horridge August 18, 2018
Macau wealth IMF

IMF Report: Macau Will Pass Qatar to Become Richest Jurisdiction on Earth by 2020

Over the past 15 years, Macau has enjoyed a meteoric rise to become the undisputed leader in casino gaming. Now, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that the territory is about to rise to the top of another list: the richest places...

Kevin Horridge August 12, 2018
2018 World Cup betting

FIFA Analysis Estimates Bookmakers Took €136B in Bets on 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup wasn’t just one of the most exciting editions of the tournament ever, it was also extremely popular among gamblers. According an analysis done by FIFA alongside its service provider Sportradar, an estimated €136 billion ($155 billion) was bet...

Kevin Horridge August 10, 2018
Macau gaming labor protests

2,200 March in Macau Labor Protest Demanding Better Benefits, Working Conditions from Melco Resorts

According to a report by, a Macau-based activism group said that nearly 2,200 people marched in a protest against Melco Resorts and Entertainment, demanding better benefits and work conditions from the company. Local police were said to have provided a smaller...

Kevin Horridge August 4, 2018
Colorado sports betting

Colorado Sports Betting Bill Can be Passed by Legislature without Constitutional Amendment

If Colorado wants to join the list of states offering legalized sports betting, they won’t need a constitutional amendment to do so. That’s the opinion of Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, who said on Thursday that the state legislature would be within...

Kevin Horridge August 3, 2018
Meadowlands sportsbook closing controversy

Meadowlands Sportsbook Takes Heat for Closing Before End of Late Baseball Game

The FanDuel sportsbook at Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford, New Jersey was the site of controversy late on Tuesday night, when the venue closed before a handful of bettors could get paid for a baseball game that was running unusually late. The...

Kevin Horridge July 26, 2018
Downtown Las Vegas Casino

Derek Stevens Fremont Street Downtown Las Vegas Casino Plans Approved by City Council, Project Sits on Historic Land

Developer Derek Stevens -- who already has the D Las Vegas in his portfolio -- saw the Las Vegas City Council quickly move plans for another downtown casino project through the approval process on Wednesday, meaning that construction can begin on the...

Kevin Horridge July 20, 2018

Lack of Las Vegas Monorail Funding Leaves Mandalay Bay Stop for Raiders Stadium Opening in Question

The Las Vegas Monorail could be a hero if it can reach the Mandalay Bay - the stop fans would use to reach the Raiders' Las Vegas Stadium when it opens in 2020 - but as of right now, that status is...

Kevin Horridge July 15, 2018
Las Vegas Raiders stadium PSLs

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium to Sell Personal Seat Licenses to Defray Costs

The new Las Vegas Raiders stadium may be going up at lightning speed, but it's not going up cheap. Coming up with the funding for the fast-tracked project requires various strategies, and personal seat licenses (PSLs) are one that the team plans...

Kevin Horridge July 14, 2018