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Katie Barlowe

Katie Barlowe

Katie has forgotten more about slots than most people know. Not only does she follow the latest online happenings and developments, but she also knows her way around offline slots too. She's a collector too and enjoys restoring old slot machines when she's not writing news stories for

New York Casino Voter Referendum Wording Challenged by Attorney

In November, New York voters are scheduled to vote on a referendum that would allow several new casino resorts to be built throughout the state. But if one Brooklyn lawyer is successful, that referendum will be halted due to language in the ballot question that he claims violates state law. Referendum Language Questioned The language…Read More

Caesars and Wynn Rumored to Be Mating in Atlantic City

Politics and online gaming make strange bedfellows; people and businesses who may be locked in heated warfare with one another at some point have to make alliances at other points in order to make things happen. The latest crazy coupling rumor is swirling around the possibility of casino arch-rivals Caesars Entertainment Corp. and Wynn Resorts…Read More

US Vice Admiral Giardina Suspended for Possible Illegal Gambling

It’s well known that one of the hazards of problem gambling can be that it has the potential to disrupt the gambler’s work life, potentially even costing them their job. But while job-related consequences related to gambling may not be rare, it is unusual to see someone in a very prominent position deal with them….Read More

Non-Gaming Attractions Pull Singapore Tourists into Casinos

There is no doubt that Macau is going from strength to strength as casino revenues continue to grow one financial quarter after another. However, Singapore appears to have latched onto a winning streak, improving its tourist trade by piggybacking on the success of the gambling and casino market in Asia. Luxury Non-Gaming Attractions Lure Visitors…Read More

Global Gaming Expo Big Business in Las Vegas

Anyone who’s anyone in the gambling industry could be found in Las Vegas this week; that’s where the Global Gaming Expo has been taking place, a meeting of 25,000 attendees who are all interested in seeing where the worldwide gambling market will be headed over the next year. Easing Up on Regulations Major Focus At the…Read More

Venetian Las Vegas in for a Dry Run as Canals Temporarily Close

Las Vegas: the adult Disneyland, never closed, operating non-stop 24/7/365. That’s the image presented by the glamorous gambling capital, anyway. But the behind-the-scenes reality of this kind of entertainment behemoth is that, at some point, maintenance and repairs need to get done. And just as the iconic Bellagio fountains must occasionally be drained and cleaned,…Read More

Experian Study Says Online Gamblers’ Attention Span Is Four Minutes

There’s a well-known male enhancement TV spot that warns if those who take the drug experience its benefits for more than four hours, they should seek immediate medical attention. Not so clear is what kind of medical attention those who have a four-minute round should get. No, not that kind of round; we’re talking about…Read More

Operation Zombie Arrests Argentinian Online Gambling Site Superhacker

Operation Zombie may sound like the doings of an apocalyptic terrorist group or the project of some Frankenstein-style mad scientist, but in actual fact it’s the work of police who have closed in on a 19-year-old Argentinian who saw a way to make a few easy bucks. Superhacker Was Making – and Stealing – Bank…Read More

As Casino Industry Expands Worldwide, So Does Surveillance Technology

An old adage in the gaming industry is that the house always wins, but these days, they don’t always win without a fight. As the Asian casino market continues to skyrocket – and as new-fangled, nearly imperceptible technology becomes easier for the everyday player to get their hands on – trying to stay ahead of…Read More

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Could Mean Gaming Industry Gold

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is only seven years away, but that’s how long we have before the newly-granted Tokyo Summer Olympics will be upon us. But athletes-in-training won’t be the only ones reaching for gold, because the worldwide casino industry will also be trying to achieve what up until now has seemed almost…Read More

Wynn-Win with Possible Atlantic Club Casino Purchase for Gaming Mogul

Steve Wynn has been oddly sidelined as other land casino moguls scramble to be first in line for what’s perceived to be the potentially billion dollar plus online gambling market in America.  While major operators like Caesars wait to pass muster with regulatory powers-that-be, Wynn has remained oddly silent about the whole situation. While he…Read More

Deutsche Telekom Applies for German Sports Betting License

The limited number of licenses available in Germany’s notoriously tightly regulated online gambling marketplace has already created fierce competition among online gaming operators. But now a major telecommunications company has applied for a license themselves, further tightening the market for the few licenses available. May or May Not Use License Deutsche Telekom announced this week…Read More

Historic Cal Neva in Lake Tahoe Getting Multimillion Dollar Facelift

The oldest continually licensed casino in the U.S. – The Cal Neva in Lake Tahoe – is getting some plastic surgery, like any good old star. The major makeover begins this week, and will close the historic property down for more than a year as it undergoes a multimillion-dollar facelift. Reviving Historic Property Best-known for…Read More

10Mth Tourists at Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower Greeted by Showgirls, Celebs

Martin Layton and his fiancee Sarah Connell came all the way from the UK to be married in Las Vegas; nothing particularly unusual about that, of course. What made their escapade unique, however, was becoming the 10,000,000th visitors to the Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel, replete with dancing girls and celebrities. Entertainers…Read More

Cambodian Online Gambling Arrests as Police Storm Villas

Capital city Phnom Penh was the scene of police raids to bust Cambodian online gambling rings taking place in three villas recently. Authorities moved in and made more than 60 arrests; the perpetrators were a bouillabaisse of Cambodians, Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese, Thais and Vietnamese, forming a veritable Asian United Nations of illegal gambling ops.  An…Read More