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Katie Barlowe

Katie Barlowe

Katie has forgotten more about slots than most people know. Not only does she follow the latest online happenings and developments, but she also knows her way around offline slots too. She's a collector too and enjoys restoring old slot machines when she's not writing news stories for

Massachusetts State Gambling Commission Hears Revere Casino Plan

Suffolk Downs Revere

If you move a casino over a city line, is it still the same casino? This isn’t a complex philosophical question, but rather the problem facing Massachusetts state regulators right now, as well as both supporters and detractors of a casino at the Suffolk Downs racetrack. Whose Border Is It, Anyway? If you’ve been following…Read More

A Month Later, Silk Road Returns; Is Bitcoin in Bed with Bad Guys?

Silk Road and Bitcoins

Just one month after the FBI seized and shut down Silk Road – the Internet site known as the of drugs, weapons and worse – it’s back. Yup, in the annals of criminal history, this one has to be up there in the chutzpah department; it’s like the powers behind the site are totally…Read More

Confirmed EuroPartners Pull Out From Canada

EuroPartners leaves Canada

BREAKING NEWS: EuroPartners has confirmed this morning that they will be pulling out of Canada with immediate effect in a move that will likely leave many online casino and poker players and affiliates scratching their heads. While we broke the story that EuroPartners pulled out of Finland and the Netherlands on November 13, it could…Read More

Baccarat and Table Games Moving Up on Las Vegas Strip

baccarat Las Vegas Strip

The times they are a’changin’ in the land casino business, especially in Las Vegas. Where slots once ruled the day – and still represent a healthy revenue slice for casinos everywhere – with the advent of online sites and mobile casino apps, the uniqueness of a live table experience is now becoming as retro-chic as…Read More

Penn National Eschewing Asia to Avoid US Regulatory Scrutiny

Asian gambling payoffs

No matter how regulated or legalized, some aspects of the gambling industry just cannot be avoided. And what may have moved into the more politically correct realms of lobbyist lunches and VIP hosting in the U.S., remains more of an open handout in Asia, where politicians and mafia dons alike expect – and apparently often…Read More

No Love Lost for Massachusetts Gaming Regulators from Gary Loveman

You could say he has a chip on his shoulder; Gary Loveman – CEO of Caesars Entertainment Corp. – is still a tad miffed about being scorned by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Oh, and two can play that game, by the way; Loveman recently noted that the Bay State’s commission is “staffed by people who…Read More

Some US Banks Blocking Even Regulated States’ Online Gambling Payments

Even though banks and other credit card issuers weren’t supposed to process gambling payments for U.S. customers after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) laws were passed in 2006, any online poker or casino player can tell you that sometimes, they did. But most banks did comply, under threat of strict fines and penalties…Read More

UK Drug Dealers Use FOBTs to Clean Dirty Money

The high street betting shops throughout the UK are filled with desperate punters and casual gamblers alike, and you could be forgiven for thinking that a handful of them may fall into the miscreant category. But what’s surprising about a number of users is that they are actually drug dealers who are using the facilities…Read More

Sportsbook William Hill Pegs Hillary Clinton 2-1 Fave for Next Prez

You can bet on lots more than football or golf at a sports book; most take bets for all kinds of crazy odds, from who will win an Oscar to Lindsay Lohan’s chances of going to rehab. So why not place your bets for the next American president? Who’s Next in Line to the White…Read More

Playtech (EUROPARTNERS) Pulls out of Netherlands and Finland

Playtech pull out of Canada, Finland & the Netherlands

UPDATE: It has been confirmed by inside sources that the pull out will be for Finland and the Netherlands only.  Canadian players will be able to continue playing, while Finnish and Dutch players will be able to play for another month before having to cash out. Also, it is has been confirmed that the pull…Read More

Fast Track Licensing for New Jersey Online Casino Operators

It’s T-minus-two-weeks and counting for New Jersey’s big online casino launch, and time to get the show on the road, as they say. With that in mind, more of the key online gaming operators have been granted their Internet licensing, without which nothing moves forward. Subject to Further Approval Noting that they are “transactional waivers”…Read More

Wisconsin Indian Casino Wars Coming to a Head

Many people watching new casino battles from the outside might think they’re pretty cut-and-dried: on the one hand, you have the pro-casino constituents looking for economic growth and more jobs; on the other, you have residents and clergy, warning of traffic jams, criminals and the wages of sin that gambling might bring. But in reality,…Read More

PokerStars Denied New Jersey Online Gaming License, For Now

Atlantic City’s online casino launch may be just around the corner – it’s set for November 26th – but looks like the world’s biggest online poker room won’t be partaking in the festivities. PokerStars – part of the huge Black Friday scandal of 2011 – has reportedly been denied a New Jersey iGaming license. DoJ…Read More

U.S. Virgin Islands Could Offer Online Gambling

Most Americans know the U.S. Virgin Islands for warm weather and beautiful beaches that they can visit without having to get a passport. But thanks to a recent ruling from the islands’ Attorney General, this vacation spot may soon become just as well-known as a home for online gambling. Attorney General Weighs In V.I. Attorney…Read More

New York Gambling Legislation to Expand Casinos Gets Voter Thumbs Up

What a week it’s been for the land casino business back East, both good and bad. On Tuesday, voters in New York comfortably approved a constitutional amendment that will greatly expand the brick-and-mortar casino industry in the state. New York’s gambling legislation, which was to approve up to seven Las Vegas-style casinos in the state,…Read More