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Katie Barlowe

Katie Barlowe

Katie has forgotten more about slots than most people know. Not only does she follow the latest online happenings and developments, but she also knows her way around offline slots too. She's a collector too and enjoys restoring old slot machines when she's not writing news stories for

Property Tax Plummet for Borgata is Sucker Punch for Atlantic City

Poor Atlantic City. It gets battered by hurricanes, has its revenues siphoned off by ever-increasing competition from surrounding states like Pennsylvania and Maryland, and has seen a seven-year continuous drop in gaming revenues from its 12 land casinos overall. Finally, it has Internet casinos ready to launch on November 26th, and things are looking up…Read More

South African Man’s Losing Lottery Ticket in Keystone Kops Mess

A young man from Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa – who laid claim to a National Lottery prize of R33 780 698 ($3,470,796) recently – was not only the victim of a crime, but also the victim of not reading the correct date on the ticket; something a lot of us could probably relate to,…Read More

Delaware Online Casino Launch Wants No Tricks for Halloween Start Date

Hoping it will be all treats and no tricks, Delaware has selected the rather ghoulish choice of October 31 – Halloween – to become the first of the United States to offer real money online casino games. Although Nevada is already operational with online poker, and New Jersey is set to come on board with…Read More

Caesars Breaks Off with Gansevoort Over Alleged Russian Mob Ties

Nothing breaks off engagements faster these days in the gambling universe than even the hint of a whisper of some wrongdoing in one of the party’s dossiers; reason being, in the new strict and pure regulated environment of gambling, including land casinos that have interactive licenses to operate online, nobody wants any dirt on their…Read More

Local Culinary Union Berating Cosmopolitan Tourists in Las Vegas

UPDATE: October 25, 2013 – Following the release of these videos – where Culinary Union Local 226 members were seen regularly throwing epithets and verbal abuse at tourists entering the Cosmopolitan – the union’s protests have been put on hold until Nov. 1. The group encompasses some 55,000 bartenders, maids and food servers in Las Vegas,…Read More

Florida Gambling Study Gives Vague Answers

Florida is already one of the more active states when it comes to gambling. There are casinos, racetracks, and jai alai frontons, and many of these venues appear likely to see slot machines coming to them in the near future. And that’s okay, according to a new report that says such an expansion would have…Read More

Las Vegas Nightclubs Could Become City’s Biggest Revenue Source

When you think of Las Vegas, you think of gambling – it’s as simple as that. Except that it really isn’t that cut and dried at all. Ever since Las Vegas emerged as a center for gambling in the United States, it has also been a central location for superstar entertainments, breathtaking shows, fabulous restaurants…Read More

Runner Runner Hits Hot Buttons on Both Sides of Gambling Fence

Stars of films nowadays usually know ahead of time that all kinds of merchandising and interviews are part of the job. They know that entertainment reporters will ask them all kinds of nosey questions about their latest paramour, a scandalous outfit, or a run in with the paparazzi. But what Runner Runner stars Justin Timberlake…Read More

New Jersey Online Gambling Launch Plan Officially Announced

It’s been a long wait, but as expected, New Jersey’s venture into the world of Internet gambling will begin on November 26, allowing state residents to begin playing their favorite casino games online just in time for Thanksgiving. Soft Launch First According to New Jersey’s Gaming Enforcement Division, Atlantic City’s 12 casinos will be able…Read More

Gansevoort Las Vegas Set to Open in Early 2014

Since the recession hit Las Vegas big time five years ago, it’s been a long dry spell without any new casino openings. Several that were partially built were then abandoned, although a few of those, such as the Echelon-now-Genting-Resorts-World, are on their way back up. Luxury Boutique Hotel Set to Open in 2014 But before…Read More

New York Casino Voter Referendum Wording Challenged by Attorney

In November, New York voters are scheduled to vote on a referendum that would allow several new casino resorts to be built throughout the state. But if one Brooklyn lawyer is successful, that referendum will be halted due to language in the ballot question that he claims violates state law. Referendum Language Questioned The language…Read More

Caesars and Wynn Rumored to Be Mating in Atlantic City

Politics and online gaming make strange bedfellows; people and businesses who may be locked in heated warfare with one another at some point have to make alliances at other points in order to make things happen. The latest crazy coupling rumor is swirling around the possibility of casino arch-rivals Caesars Entertainment Corp. and Wynn Resorts…Read More

US Vice Admiral Giardina Suspended for Possible Illegal Gambling

It’s well known that one of the hazards of problem gambling can be that it has the potential to disrupt the gambler’s work life, potentially even costing them their job. But while job-related consequences related to gambling may not be rare, it is unusual to see someone in a very prominent position deal with them….Read More

Non-Gaming Attractions Pull Singapore Tourists into Casinos

There is no doubt that Macau is going from strength to strength as casino revenues continue to grow one financial quarter after another. However, Singapore appears to have latched onto a winning streak, improving its tourist trade by piggybacking on the success of the gambling and casino market in Asia. Luxury Non-Gaming Attractions Lure Visitors…Read More

Global Gaming Expo Big Business in Las Vegas

Anyone who’s anyone in the gambling industry could be found in Las Vegas this week; that’s where the Global Gaming Expo has been taking place, a meeting of 25,000 attendees who are all interested in seeing where the worldwide gambling market will be headed over the next year. Easing Up on Regulations Major Focus At the…Read More