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Katie Barlowe

Katie Barlowe

Katie has forgotten more about slots than most people know. Not only does she follow the latest online happenings and developments, but she also knows her way around offline slots too. She's a collector too and enjoys restoring old slot machines when she's not writing news stories for

It’s Goodbye Betting Kiosks, Hello Mobile Betting for Las Vegas

Nevada’s 84 statewide bars, taverns and eateries that house betting kiosks for their customers convenience in placing wagers on sporting events will be getting visitors shortly, as the state-mandated removal of the machines kicks in this weekend.  Major kiosk provider William Hill be taking them out of about half of those establishments, with other kiosk…Read More

Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil Performer Plummets to Her Death During Show

Besides gambling, entertainment is probably the greatest draw for visitors to Las Vegas; in fact, the city often uses the phrase “Entertainment Capitol of the World” in its descriptions. And Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian-based franchise that is self-described as a “dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment”, certainly dominates the Las Vegas landscape, with up…Read More

Genting To Introduce Resorts World with Chinese Pageantry on LV Strip

With Siegfried and Roy’s white tiger show long dormant, the Mirage’s dolphins a bit ho-hum, and the shark tank at Mandalay Bay long-established , what can Vegas – always known for pushing the theatrical envelope – do for an encore? How about pandas? If China-based Genting Group has their way, pandas will be just part…Read More

UK Cartoon Network Mistakenly Airs Bookmaker Ad

Despite strict rules that govern the airing of gambling ads on television, the Cartoon Network made a huge faux pas recently when it mistakenly aired an ad for UK bookmaker Coral during a broadcast on the children’s television channel. The controversial ad was aired on Turner Broadcasting’s Boomerang channel as well as the Cartoon Network,…Read More

Brits Arrested for Candy and Cookie Gambling in Portuguese Pub

A group of some 30 Brits, including tourists and expats, were questioned by police recently in Portugal after allegedly breaking the strict gambling laws of that country, despite the fact that the first prize in the activities was just a tin of biscuits and a bar of chocolate. Sugar Crackdown Police posed as customers at…Read More

Echo Releases Sydney Casino Plan with Crown Casino Option

The battle over Sydney’s casino marketplace took a dramatic turn this week, as Echo Entertainment unveiled a plan that would feature a $1 billion expansion of their existing Star casino in the city. But while Echo had previously appeared to want a monopoly over the city’s casino industry, their latest plan also includes room for…Read More

Inappropriate Sportsbet Wallaby Cartoon Causing Controversy

Thanks to Australian betting operator Sportsbet, the first impression hundreds of thousands of tourists will have of Melbourne is one of a cartoon wallaby which appears to be sodomizing a lion. And if you think this is a strange thing to read, imagine writing it. Bizarre Visual The huge advertisement which covers an area of…Read More

Chinese Lottery Gets You a New Car – Maybe

In a bid to reduce pollution and smog surrounding the heavily polluted Chinese city of Shijiazhuang (try saying that three times fast), a new type of lottery is being introduced. But winning this lottery doesn’t yield financial independence and an extravagant lifestyle;  instead it entitles you to purchase a new vehicle. She’s Got a Ticket…Read More

New Zealand Government Pushes for Gambling Reforms

New Zealand government officials have announced they’ll be seeking to push forward with gambling reforms, with new legislation expected to be presented to the country’s Parliament by the end of the year. However, some critics say that these reforms do little to actually combat some of the social problems that come along with legalized gambling….Read More

Like McCarran Airport in Vegas? Thank Michael Gaughan’s Slot Machines

If you fly around the United States at all, you can’t help but notice that McCarran International airport – Las Vegas’ only large commercial carrier installation – is nicer than most. Clean, well-heeled,  and with plenty of jazzy shops to spend your money in, McCarran sets the tone for the Las Vegas experience: “Hi, we’re…Read More

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s A New 650-Ft. Coaster Coming to Vegas

If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to see money leave your pockets on your next Vegas trip, how about something literal? Everything on your body better be tied down tight if a new roller coaster – so high the creators, U.S. Thrill Rides, have had to submit their plans to the Federal Aviation…Read More

Chinese Virus Creators Busted Again With Online Gambling Site

Two Chinese men who wrote a computer virus that made headlines back in 2007 are in the news again, this time after being arrested for setting up an illegal online gambling site in mainland China. Panda Virus The story begins when Zhang Shun and Li Jun created the “Fujacks” virus. The program, which became better…Read More

Timms Says E-Gambling Machines Causing Violent Behavior in UK

British Labor MP Stephen Timms said recently that gambling machines in betting shops are so addictive, they’ve sparked street fights after losses sent users into a fury. Timms said he’s been given information indicating that the frustration of losing on the high-stakes casino-style gambling machines can cause a rage in the users which can spill out…Read More

Ohio Casinos Eye Facial Recognition Technology

A last-minute amendment to the Ohio state budget could bring high-tech facial recognition technology to casinos there, a move that some feel is either hasty or entirely unwarranted. The idea comes from State Senator Bill Coley, and would apply to all four casinos that currently operate in Ohio. Money Laundering Tracking Device? According to Coley,…Read More

Spanish Gambling Operator Codere Losing Bets in Latin America

Over the past decade, many major Spanish companies have invested heavily in Latin America, taking advantage of the emerging markets there and the linguistic ties shared with many of the region’s nations. It’s no surprise, then, that this investment strategy has also been tried by Codere, one of the largest gambling operators in Spain. Unfortunately,…Read More