Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam Investigated Over Golden Nugget Parking Lot Fight

Posted on: November 12, 2018, 05:10h. 

Last updated on: November 12, 2018, 09:37h.

Atlantic City’s Democratic mayor Frank Gilliam Jr. has waffled on reports that he assaulted a female security guard during a fracas outside the Golden Nugget casino on Sunday morning, backtracking on an initial denial after security footage seen by The Press of Atlantic City appeared to back up that the melee did occur.

Mayor Frank Gilliam
Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam at first denied he was involved in a fight in the Golden Nugget’s parking lot on Sunday morning, but changed his tune when local media confronted him with the security video. (Image: Press of Atlantic City)

But police have lodged a complaint of simple assault and harassment against the mayor, along with Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy II, in relation to a fight that occurred as the men left the Golden Nugget’s Haven Nightclub at around 2:20 am.

The Atlantic City Prosecutors Office said it was investigating the incident.

Harry Hurley of WPG Talkradio in Atlantic City broke the story, claiming unnamed law enforcement and “elected officials” had told him the casino’s security video showed Gilliam “punching and choking” a female security guard.

Mayoral Ruckus

When PoAC contacted both Gilliam and Fauntleroy, they denied any incident had taken place, beyond a “verbal argument.”

Nothing really happened,” Gilliam insisted. “No police, no nothing … There was no incident. There was human beings talking and that is it.”

“It’s kind of just mind boggling from a verbal argument now being complaints signed,” Fauntleroy added. “I don’t really understand. But it’s politics. Everything is blown out of proportion in Atlantic City.”

Later, when PoAC obtained and viewed a copy of the security video, Gilliam quickly changed his tune.

“I’m going to hold my comments until my attorney and the law enforcement people do this because I’m not even sure why you would have access to a videotape,” Gilliam said.

“You saw the video. It is what it is,” he added.

Pols Behaving Badly

According to PoAC, the footage does not show an altercation with a female security guard, but it does show Gilliam exchanging punches with an unidentified man in the casino parking lot, while Fauntleroy is seen grabbing a man from behind and “hurling him violently to the ground,” according to PoAC.

A woman is seen yelling at Gilliam and two unnamed men, but at no point was she assaulted.

The footage lasts for ten minutes. For most of this time, the group appear to be arguing animatedly, although the video contains no audio. The physical fight itself lasts for around 45 seconds and it’s not clear who threw the first punch.

Last month, Gilliam announced violent crime figures were down in all areas Atlantic City, praising Public Safety’s crime prevention strategies and the police department for their “hard work and dedication.”