4. How to Deposit to Your Online Casino Account

Making your first deposit to your online casino account is easy. You'll need an online casino account to get started. If you don't yet have a free Internet casino account, read our section on how to get set up with one for free.

If you already have a real money online casino account, log in to the software from your PC. Or, if you're on a Mac or using a computer that isn't your own, use the Instant Play casino or flash version. Then, follow these steps.

Launch the Cashier

Click the Bank button. At some online casinos, it might be called Banking. Or it could be labeled Cashier. At most sites, the button is denoted with a dollar sign or some sort of banking symbol, so it's easy to find. You'll find the button or link on the main screen of the online casino software.

In many cases, the Banking page is accessible from all points in the software - even while you're playing real money casino games. Again, this varies from casino to casino.

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Checking your Balance

If you see a message indicating that you don't have any available credits, just click the button to let the software know that you want to buy real money online casino credits. Some casino might refer to credits as 'chips'. Others might use 'money' to refer to what's in your account.

At most online casinos you can see how much you have in your account in the bottom left or bottom right of the casino screen.

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The Banking Page

Once you agree to buy real money online casino credits, you'll be taken to a banking page. In most cases, you'll be taken directly to the Deposit tab. A list of all available deposit methods will be displayed. If applicable, use the scroll bar to discover additional online casino deposit methods.

You should note that the available online casino deposit methods vary based on your country. So if you see a large list of deposit methods on the online casino website's banking page, you might not find all the deposit methods available in the software.

But don't worry. All the online casino picks on the Casino.org website offer some of the best deposit options in the industry. So no matter where you live, you'll find easy-to-use, reliable, and trustworthy online casino banking methods.

Once you've discovered a method that works for you, click the Deposit button next to the banking method you'd like to use.

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Adding Funds to Your Account

In this example, we've chosen credit card as our deposit method. No matter which Internet casino deposit method you choose, you'll be taken to a screen where you can fill in your payment details.

In our example, you'll need to fill in your credit card information. Once the details are correct, hit Next. You'll then be asked to review your details. At some online casinos, you might be asked to confirm the billing address of your credit cards. Once again, the next step varies from online casino site to online casino site.

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That's all there is to it. Once your deposit has been made and the funds have cleared, you'll be able to play real money online casino games.

But what if you're using something like an eCheck, where your funds might not clear right away. Most of our picks have a procedure for that. In many cases, your funds will be available right away, so you can enjoy real money online casino games instantly. However, you won't be able to withdraw your winnings until your funds have cleared.

If you need help making a deposit, all of our online casino picks on the Casino.org website offer live help, so making a deposit using a specific deposit method is as easy as chatting with a customer service agent.

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