3. How to Create an Online Casino Account

Downloading the online casino software through the Casino.org website is the first step to gaining access to a reputable online casino. But downloading and installing the online casino only puts the casino software on your laptop or desktop. It doesn't actually let you gain entry to the casino.

Think about it like this. In the real casino world, downloading and installing would be like taking a flight to Vegas, hopping into a taxi, and driving straight to your casino hotel. But casinos ask you for ID, even if you look over 21. Create your account is like showing the security guard your ID. And creating an online casino account is easy.

Most account creation happens right after you've downloaded and installed the online casino software to your PC. Once installed, you'll be invited to log in. If you don't have an account, you can tell the software you want to create one. You'll then be taken to a screen where key pieces of information are required.

At some casinos, you can choose a username during the online casino account creation process. Other casinos will give you a temporary username to log in with, which you can change at your convenience.

To log in, enter your username/email address and password if it's not already filled in for you. Then, hit Real Money or Practice play. At some casinos, these buttons could be called Play for Real and Play for Fun. If you choose Real Money, you'll be taken to the cashier where you'll be invited to make a deposit. If you click Practice Play, you'll be taken to the free version of the online casino software.

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