When Team Mascots Turn Bad

comic background with text saying when mascots go mad

Mascots are the true characters of sport. They do all the dirty work to galvanize the fans and stir the crowd. They do not stop cheering, dancing, celebrating, and making themselves look ridiculous, all in support of their favourite team.

However, there is a thin line between extreme passion and insanity. Here is a look at when mascots cross that line.

The Oregon Duck versus Houston Cougar 

The most vicious attacks can sometimes come from out of the blue and from the unlikeliest sources. That was certainly the case when Puddles the Oregon Duck decided to dish out an unceremonious beat down on the Houston Cougar.

In nature, it would almost be a given that the cougar would devour the duck. In this particular scenario, it was the duck that came out on top.

An intriguing combination of punches to the face, a People’s Elbow, and a cheeky little shove during a cougar push-up session saw Puddles get the better of his furry counterpart.

Speculation still remains as to whether this brawl was scripted or just spontaneous. Unfortunately, the Oregon Ducks management did not look upon the incident favourably and Puddles was suspended from mascot action for three games.

Big Al the Elephant versus Seymour the Golden Eagle

It started off as what appeared to be a playful bit of light-hearted fisticuffs. Before long, fans were witnessing one of the most extreme wrestling exhibitions since the TLC Triple Threat match.

Alabama Crimson Tide’s mascot Big Al the Elephant and Southern Mississippi mascot Seymour the Golden Eagle looked to be having a bit of comedy banter when the shoves first started.

At some point during the five minute scrap, the mood changed.

Was it the use of the Gatorade cooler over the head? Was it a Stone Cold Stunner? Was it the Rock Bottom? It’s hard to tell. The PA man chanting “DEFENSE!” only added to the atmosphere and by the end of the exchange both mascots had beaten themselves into exhaustion.

San Diego Rooster versus Milwaukee Barney Dance-Off

Nobody likes a sore loser but that’s what we got when the San Diego Rooster mascot took on the Milwaukee Barney mascot in an impromptu dance-off at their side’s highly-anticipated baseball game.

Just as it seemed it would be a case of the rooster schooling Barney in how to shake his tail feather, things soon got flip-turned upside down. Barney delivered a killer break dance move out of thin air. It was greeted by rapturous applause and rooster worshipping at his feet.

How did Barney react to such adulation? He spurned rooster’s attempts at a sportsmanlike hug. Pretty harsh.

However, did it warrant rooster’s reaction of a cheap shot from behind as Barney waltzed off celebrating? Maybe. It still screamed of rooster taking defeat poorly. Still, it was hilarious.

Wolfy versus The Three Little Pigs

Everybody has heard the tale of the big bad wolf and the three little pigs. We all know how that story ends. The wolf ends up walking off with his tail between his legs.

It was a little different this time around when English football club Wolves witnessed their mascot dish out a hiding to three little pig mascots in a league game against rival side Bristol City. The highlight was Wolves fans egging Wolfy on with chants of “Go on Wolfy! Go on Wolfy!”.

The Sue Ryder Mascot Gold Cup

The Cheltenham Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious races in the horse-racing calendar. Consider this the mascot equivalent.

Mascots of various businesses and sports clubs from around the UK descend upon Wetherby Racecourse to see who is the quickest. Characters include Bob the Builder, Mr Potato Head and Pluto. Some take it seriously, others should have just stayed in the bar, and one or two look like they have just been set free from the mental asylum. It’s ok to forget yourself in the name of charity though.

And Finally…

If you’re a mascot trying to do your job in a PR skit but an annoying fan girl keeps ruining your shot, how do you deal with it? Smash a cake in her face, of course…