What’s Special About Progressive Jackpots?

One of the most exciting parts of online gambling is the progressive jackpot. It is very similar to the large jackpots of land casinos. With each play that does not pay out to a winner, the amount the jackpot will pay increases. What builds the jackpot is the participation of many players tied into the same game or network of games who are all attempting to win the big bucks.

It works like this. A portion of every bet made is set aside into the jackpot “pool”. The jackpot may be for a few specific machines, a line of slot machines, and even sometimes it may cover more than one casino. The more games/machines that are contributing to the jackpot, the larger the prize pool grows.

Independent progressive jackpots are as the name implies, “independent”, in that they are not linked with other games, slots, or casinos. Therefore the pool will not be as high as linked jackpots because there are fewer bets contributing to the fund. These are still fun but will offer a smaller payout than the larger “networked” jackpots.

How Does The Jackpot Grow?

The jackpot grows constantly by way of a meter as it is contributed to by all the players, no matter where they are located. The amount of the increase for every game played is preset by the house and can vary from one online casino to another. Winning the big payoff requires a certain hand in poker or five of a kind, generally, in slots that must be certain symbols.

Players who have watched the jackpots in the past may wait and play when it reaches a payout point similar to others because they feel their odds of winning are better. Once the jackpot is won by a player, it resets to the minimum jackpot the house offers for the game.

Not all gaming machines for a casino are tied into the progressive jackpot, giving players the option of playing for smaller stakes that pay out more often. What makes the progressive type more interesting and attractive for game players is that it represents taking a long shot chance to win a great deal with minimal effort. The number of players increases as the jackpot becomes more desirable and the pay out is always displayed in large numbers that are hard to miss.

Rules vary between casinos but in most cases, players must wager the highest number of credits to play for the progressive jackpot. If the maximum amount is not wagered, some of any loss goes toward increasing the jackpot anyway. The amount of the rise in the total payout is increased more by the full credit wager than the smaller bets.

You owe it to yourself to try the progressive jackpot when you play at your favorite online casino.

Progressive Jackpot Tips

1. Check the history of payouts to see when the last payout was made. If it was recent, you might want to find a machine which hasn’t paid out in some time. You might just get lucky enough to land in the right place at the right time for a jackpot win!

2. You aren’t alone when it comes to scouting out large sum jackpots. There will be thousands of gamblers hoping to get lucky, too. The good news is that eventually, somebody, sometime, somewhere will hit and hit big. It could be you!